A series of earthquakes in Japan

In Japan on Wednesday, there have been five earthquakes, four off the northeast coast of the country, and one in Tokyo. Was declared a tsunami threat

A total of five earthquakes occurred on Wednesday in different parts of Japan. The authorities have announced the possibility of a tsunami in the central and north-eastern prefectures of Honshu, but the shores sunk only small waves up to 10 centimeters. Earthquake felt and residents of the Russian Far East.

Four of earthquakes at intervals of 8 to 43 minutes occurred in the north-east coast of the country. Their magnitudes ranged from 6.9 to 5.5 in descending order. Oodno earthquake of magnitude 5.7 (according to the Japanese Meteorological Service — 6.1) occurred in 90 km to the east of Tokyo.
In the north-east of Japan, all four earthquakes occurred in almost the same area — 280 km east of the city of Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, located in the island of Honshu.

Most strongly felt in the underground rumors prefectures of Iwate, Aomori and to the east and north-east of the island of Hokkaido. In the same region, Tokyo tremors were felt most strongly in the prefectures of Ibaraki and Chiba, east of the Japanese capital.

Earlier it was reported that the first earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred on Wednesday at the north-eastern coast of Japan. Its epicenter was at a depth of 26 kilometers, about 230 kilometers from the coast of Aomori prefecture in northern Honshu. Second magnitude 5.7 occurred off the north-east coast, its epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean, 282 km east of the city of Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, located in at a depth of about 22 kilometers.

The authorities have announced the possibility of a tsunami. Originally the warning was announced for Iwate and Aomori prefectures, located in the northeast of the Japanese island of Honshu, and then spread to almost all the central and north-eastern coast of the island. According Meteoagency country, waves can reach the coast of Aomori and Iwate prefectures, the wave height can be up to 0.5 meters. However, to the north-eastern prefectures sunk only small waves up to 10 centimeters.

No casualties or damage to report.

Far East residents felt the earthquake that struck near the island of Hokkaido in the Pacific Ocean, according to the Russian Emergency Ministry. "At 13:08 in the Pacific Ocean, 256 km south-east of the island of Hokkaido earthquake of magnitude seven earthquake at a depth of 10 kilometers," — told "Interfax" in the Information Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. According to MOE, an earthquake measuring 3.4 points and was felt in the Russian territory in the cities of the South Kuril and Malo-Kurilsk. According to preliminary information, the death and destruction in the Russian Federation no.

However, the threat of prices in the Russian Far East has not been announced, said the agency "Interfax-Far East" on Thursday duty Kamchatka "Tsunami Warning Center." "The magnitude of the earthquake in Japan was only 6.7. It occurred at a depth of no more than 10 kilometers. So even the Japanese themselves do not transmit to the Russian side of things for them tsunami threat. Especially since there is no such danger for our Far East region, which is far enough away from the epicenter of a seismic event "- the source said.

Source: Interfax

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