A strange flash in the Moscow sky: crews at a loss

October 7, 2011 16:30

Photo from nakanune.ru

The crews of six passenger jets seen in the sky near Moscow burning object, like a shell. Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry said that the means of control of the airspace available to the Russian Defense Ministry, did not record any anomalies in the Moscow region.

 According to "Interfax" in the traffic services Moscow airports, at 19:40 on October 6 near the town of Gagarin, the crew of "Boeing-737-500", flying on the route Novosibirsk — Moscow, reported that he observed a flash in the dying shell at an altitude of about 10 thousands of meters with a smoky trail. A similar picture at the same time the crews of several other aircraft flying in the same area. In particular, about 80 kilometers west of the town of Gagarin crew Gulfstream watching flash, beep. The picture is similar crews flights Moscow — Prague, London — Moscow and Moscow — Geneva. Noticed the phenomenon and bloggers Runet.
The causes and circumstances of the incident are being investigated.
Meanwhile, employees of the observatory of the Siberian State Aerospace University in Krasnoyarsk has recently predicted top heavy "rain" on the Earth as a meteor shower. As ITAR-TASS researcher Observatory Siberian Aerospace University Sergei Veselkov, falling stars can be seen with the naked eye. Natural phenomenon, scientists predicted just from 6 to 10 October. So it is quite possible that the pilots saw in the suburbs just unburned meteorite.
Earlier, crews repeatedly complained of attempts to dazzle pilots with laser beams. Check on these facts shall Rosaviatsia, reports News. Ru.

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