A third temperature record is blocked in the Perm region in April

The absolute maximum temperature for April 22 is exceeded in Perm on Sunday, in the region of abnormally warm weather, which brought several records, the last two days, said on Monday geionformatsionnyh systems center of Perm State National Research University.

As reported by forecasters, last week, in a region where, in April established abnormally warm weather, marked by several temperature records. Thus, on April 18 in Perm air warmed to plus 24.8 degrees, 1.6 degrees above the previous daily record set in 1973. In addition, half a degree was closed ten-day record set April 13, 1975. Mean daily air temperature was about 20 degrees plus, higher rates on 16 degrees.

"Perm yesterday (April 22) was installed in the current second April temperature record. Maximum temperature at the weather station" Perm "was 24.7 degrees, 0.8 degrees above the previous high of the day, which was owned in 1995. Average temperature Air Perm was 15.6 degrees, which is higher than normal at 11 degrees, "- they note.

Heat waves observed on Sunday throughout the province, but especially in the north-west. So, in a nomadic maximum temperature was 26.1 degrees, Hayn 24, degrees.

"Abnormally warm weather with temperatures above normal by 9-12 degrees, maintained in the Perm region on April 23-24. However, temperature records have not expected … Monday afternoon in the Perm region is still very warm — +21 — +24 degrees. Against maintain abnormally warm weather is expected tomorrow in the first year of a Thunderstorm. day temperature in the central and southern areas of the province will remain within the 20? 23 degrees to the north will be much colder, — stated in the Synoptics.

According to preliminary estimates, on Wednesday the central and southern areas of the province will be under the influence of sedentary atmospheric front. The expectation Heavy Rain, Thunderstorm.

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