A unique statue of the Virgin Mary of 60,000 carnations

Today I suggest you to visit Valencia (Spain), which occur every year A 15 meter high statue of the Virgin Mary, the mantle which is made of tens of thousands of flowers. Interestingly, the pattern is never repeated.

This action is dedicated Fallas festival, one part of which, Ofrenda, attracts the attention of thousands of tourists and local people. From 17 to 18 March, the streets are filled with going to the main square of girls and young women carrying bouquets of flowers. Abundance of colors, music and fun crowd the city.

The female half of the population in the days ofrendy demolish the square named after the Virgin Mary cloves, three colors: white, yellow and red. The number of flowers depends on the ideas of designers who will decorate the statue of the Virgin Mary by mounting an offering to the wooden frame.

The abundance of female beauty has always attracted the attention of tourists and local people. Approaches to the area cordoned off to ensure easy access to the statue of the Virgin Mary. Bouquets of roses brought faeyrami transferred designers who are on special hanging platforms and create a unique pattern. Made to give a major patron of the city of a unique kind of boils about 60 hours, and taking up most of the night. Only in the early morning crowd allowed to admire the fact that created the "wizards" in the past day and night.

This technology is also used to create toys from the flowers of St. Petersburg, which has recently received its spread in our countries, and have won the hearts of the fairer sex.

By the end of March 18 almost the entire area is surrounded by abundance of colors and fragrances. It seems that the floral gown down on the ground covers the entire space around. Tears, enthusiasm and continuous positive — can be described as one of the most colorful festivals in the world.


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