A young humpback whale washed up on the shore of Bering Island

A young humpback whale washed up on the shore of Bering IslandResidents Commander found on the shore of Bering Island baby humpback whale, cast ashore, told RIA Novosti Deputy Director for Science Commander Sergei Zagrebelny State Reserve.
"Live baby whale found on the west coast of the island near the mouth of the river Fedoskino last night," — said Zagrebelny.

According to him, a beached animal — a cub at about 7-8 months. Length of its body reaches 7.5 meters.
"Most likely, the cub lost its mother's milk which he had fed, ill or something," — said the source.

Zagrebelny explained that while this is the first case where the shore of Bering Island throws humpback whale. "However, the population of this species of mammals in the Pacific Ocean near the Commander Islands in recent years has increased significantly. Summer you can watch here and 500 individuals. Naturally, there will be instances animal diseases and other incidents," — he said.
On Thursday, experts and villagers Reserve Nicholas, near the scene of the incident, attempted to push the animal bulldozed into the sea, but the storm surge pushed kitenka ago.
Experts believe that the animal is likely to save a little.
Commander's reserve includes the island Bering Island Copper, Arius Stone, Toporkov, other small islands and their surrounding 30-mile water area. This area on the border of the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea, 200 miles east of the Kamchatka Peninsula. The total area of 3.6 million hectares of the reserve.
In the coastal waters of the Commander of the reserve lives 21 species of mammals, including the Red Book otter, seals, gray whales, sea lions (Northern sea lion), breed on the island about 180 species of birds. Many of them are also included in the International Red Book.
In 2002, it was decided to assign the status Commanders international biosphere reserve. The islands are a world natural heritage and are the status of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

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