Abnormal cold in Siberia could lead to disaster

Anomalous cold in western Siberia may stand for the whole February. Photo: RIA Novosti

Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu, warned that the situation in Siberia may lead to disastrous consequences in the spring due to abnormally cold weather, according to the channel "NTV".

Shoigu said some Siberian rivers already chilled to the bottom, which threatens large-scale floods in the spring. In Yakutia is the second wave came Arctic air masses, temperatures drop to -50 degrees. It is expected that on Sunday will warm up to -40. Schools are closed, students do not learn all the classes. Because of the cold mist formed, so the drivers go at minimum speed.

Emergencies Minister instructed the Siberian regions to prepare for spring flooding. Also, we are talking about crossing rivers. Shoigu asked to arrange the crossing instead of banning people enjoy them …


Jaroslav Zenichev

Anomalous cold in western Siberia may stand for the whole February

Abnormal cold, reaching minus 40 degrees and below, can stand in the south of Western Siberia whole February, told RIA Novosti on Friday, Press Secretary of the West Siberian meteorologist Renat Yagudin.

Arctic cold wave has come to the region on February 9. On Friday morning, the temperature in the Tomsk region dropped to 48 degrees, in the Kemerovo — minus 46 in Novosibirsk — to minus 45.

"We see no changes in the global atmospheric processes," — said Yagudin.

According to him, this weekend is expected to a slight weakening of frosts to 17-24 degrees and minus 30 in places due to the fact that the atmospheric frontal zone moves to the East.

However, on Monday and Tuesday is expected to set a new Arctic air masses, after which the temperature can reach back at night 40 degrees or below.

Forecasters do not rule out that the anomalous cold to continue in the third week of February. "Constantly hangs the threat of new invasions of cold. Warm weather, you all wait until you see "- added Yagudin.

Although established in the south of Western Siberia frosts broke temperature records in the cold, though forecasters believe that the region "has covered a large cold anomaly." The temperature in the region is now at 10-15 degrees below normal. Usually in mid-February temperatures in western Siberia is at 17-20 degrees.

According to meteorologist, in severe cold there are no strong winds, so weakens the exchange of air masses. This prevents the dispersion of contaminants, particularly from road transport. In addition, the arrival of cold weather associated with an increase in atmospheric pressure, which affects the health of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Earlier it was reported that due to the cold weather in some regions of Western Siberia canceled classes in schools.

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