Abnormal flowering trees in many regions of Russia


MOSCOW, October 1. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Dorofeeva /. In many regions of Russia this fall on an unusual phenomenon — some flowering shrubs, branches and entire trees. Central Russia, the Urals and Siberia, there are reports of blooming apple trees, cherry trees, various shrubs. In Moscow, in some places blossomed chestnut, wild cherry. 

MSU scientists say that autumn flowering — an abnormal phenomenon, but it's nothing bad, it just kidney "cheated" Thermal failure due to prolonged warm weather, and they are not waiting for the winter, open. Biologists call the phenomenon to enjoy the beautiful and not afraid of the consequences.

, Told Itar-Tass, PhD, deputy director of the department of higher plants biological faculty of Moscow State University Vladimir Murashov, "many trees and shrubs, especially those who live here, not imported, lay flower buds in the year preceding flowering, that is in the fall, and next year, if all is well, the spring bloom. "

"But there are years, and more recently the anomalies involved when warm autumn is secondary bloom, — he said. — This year, the secondary bloom pretty massive. Recently I saw in Sevastopol acacia with fruit defoliation, but with flowers. And the blooms are not isolated shoots and abundantly. " "If burst frosty nights, the disclosure of the kidneys would cease. This is bad but the fact that these shoots for next year will not bloom — they again do not have time to lay the flower buds. So for the next year in these instances that have blossomed to be less abundant flowering or no it is not available. Accordingly, if the fruit trees, the crop will be smaller. And nothing serious. Although the phenomenon is interesting in itself, "- concluded Murashov.

He urged enjoy unusual. "Not everyone can see it, just observant people. City resident, unfortunately, does not pay attention to what is around him "- complained biologist. "Look how through the warm — October already and the summer lasted, flowers. It's wonderful, and we should look at it as an interesting phenomenon in nature, "- said the scientist MSU.


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