Abnormal heat in the center of Russia change cold snap

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The central region of Russia on Friday and Saturday will enjoy late Indian summer — the weather is unusually warm, the air warms up to 15-20 degrees, but in the night of Sunday the temperature drops by 10 degrees, cloudy start, the press service of Hydromet.

"At the end of the week, including Saturday, the weather in the Central Federal District will be abnormally warm to the spread of air from the eastern Mediterranean. 7 and 8 October we can talk about a belated" Babi summer ". Daytime temperatures in most of the central regions will increase to 15-20 degrees, in the south of the Central Federal District to 18-23 degrees. And even in the north-east and east of the district places the air warms up to 18 degrees, which is 6.4 degrees above normal for the end of the first decade of October, "- said in a statement.

But on the night of Saturday to Sunday front with rain and cold snap passed through Moscow and the Moscow region. If on Saturday in the capital and its suburbs the temperature close to the absolute maximum for the day — up to 20 degrees, on a Sunday in the Moscow region, the temperature does not exceed 8-13 degrees, will be cloudy and rainy, wind gusts may reach 12-17 meters per second .

On Monday, October 10, chill spread to most regions of the Central Federal District. In the south of the territory the day temperature will drop by 4-6 degrees and will be between 13-18 degrees, in the Bryansk region 8-13 degrees.

"The heat will remain in the southeast region (Lipetsk, Belgorod, Voronezh and Tambov regions), where the day — up to 21 degrees. This expected small and moderate rains in parts of the Kursk and Orel regions strong," — said in a statement.

Source: eco.ria.ru.

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