Abnormality of Siberia — and the likelihood of non-obviousness

December 14, 2012 4:07

Are there any on the planet anomalous zones? A special place where all the "something is wrong." And if we talking about anomalous areas, what are the formal criteria of the anomaly? Indeed, some such criteria still identified by researchers. This, above all the objective and subjective factors of abnormal operating continuously or periodically in a specific area.

Patom crater

Patom crater

By objective factors such as a rule, understand a range of biological, geophysical, meteorological, and even technical anomalies, unusual values of physical fields and the presence of faults and underground water sources, availability of a stable microclimate, malfunctioning appliances and equipment, etc. The background of objective abnormal factors distinguish subjective associated with a particular sense of this place man. It is assumed that people in these areas may run into some trance states can occur spontaneously paranormal abilities, etc. But the question remains whether these factors really abnormal, is familiar to many people, a mystical sense?

Tradition has it that when we talk about Russia, most of the anomalous zones are concentrated in Siberia. There comes to mind the Altai, the ancient mysterious lake Baikal, Tunguska, etc. But is anomalous Siberia? And if this region is abnormal, why? Scientific answers, unfortunately, not so much, as a rule, there are only esoteric and folkloric explanations. Usually they meet most of the people due to the specifics of our time here, "a place of power," and here the temple of the ancient gods, well, here fell UFOs, etc. Such responses certainly bizarre, mystical, but it is too simple and even primitive. And because you want to understand.

It is fair to note that a number of Siberian anomalous zones were actually analyzed by the experts. A good example is the famous Patom crater (or equivalent in the Yakut "Fire Eagle Nest") — a strange geological formation in the north of the Irkutsk region, resembled the lunar crater. The systematic study Patomskiy crater began in 2002 and the first few results stunned experts — radioactivity on the crater was two times lower than in the surrounding area. In addition it was found that the crater is still "alive" — something inside makes it, then fall, then rise, which was confirmed by an experiment on acoustic spectroscopy. The results of magnetic measurements in the crater show that is "something" metal to a depth of 100 — 150 meters.

Based on the modeling and analysis of data, scientists have put forward a number of no less amazing than the crater hypotheses. Since the experiments conducted at the Moscow Institute for Problems in Mechanics, showed that the crater could have been formed by the fall of a cylindrical object of superdense material. There was a fantastic, but it is science-based hypothesis — Patom crater could occur as a result of the fall of the fragment of the quark star, more dense than even the neutron star. But experts Irkutsk Institute of Geochemistry, after a recent expedition, rejected the hypothesis space, and determined that the crater is a product of special kriovulkana, analogues of which are to be found on Jupiter's moon Io.

Two others have already cult in Siberia anomalous zones, to some extent related to the world-famous Tunguska meteorite in 1908, is the so-called "Devil's Glade" in the north-west of Irkutsk region and the "Valley of Death 'in Yakutia. Their relationship to the history of the Tunguska due hypotheses about their origin. So many researchers and even the local population over the years have suggested that, in fact, the Tunguska object, in whole or in part, or dropped in the middle reaches of the river Cova, forming a "devil's meadow", or in the river spawning there Viluy "Valley of Death" .

Expedition to the "Devil's clearing" (group Bratsk-Kosmopoisk, July 2002)

Expedition to the "Devil's clearing" (group Bratsk-Kosmopoisk, July 2002)

In the first case, it looks convincing, as both are the same kind of trajectory and the first mention of "bad glade" date from the early 20th century. It is known that since that time in those areas began to disappear people and livestock, said that there are in the forest, they say, scorched land with a deep hole in the middle, which becomes the cause of all the disappearances and even deaths. Search for "Devil's field" taken a lot of missions, but convincing answers of its location and the nature of the effect on living organisms have been received. This writer has also participated in two of these expeditions, and I can say that in many anomalous "field" highly overrated. The fact that the terrain in those parts of itself unique in geological terms — the presence paleovolcanoes magnetic ores and deposits due to the presence of the set of magnetic anomalies, which as proven by studies may affect the operation of the human brain, and as a result cause vision.

The second case, concerning the appearance of the "Valley of Death" (or in the Yakut dialect "Ulyuyu Cherkecheh") is less clear, as there is mention of this anomalous zone until the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, and the explosion was estimated at those edges. It must be said that for many years this mysterious valley is haunted by the researchers of paranormal phenomena. Prevailing for a long time legends and rumors say that here, among the swamps and impenetrable thickets that hold traces of some ancient cataclysm, lost huge metal "pocket" of the mysterious origin. It is very often been suggested that the "boiler" these only as alien. According to science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev over Tunguska taiga it crashed alien spacecraft, as well as anything special in the Stony Tunguska not find it, and formed a hypothesis that these mysterious pots and shards have this ship.

Yakut "pot" (drawing, made by the descriptions)

Yakut "pot" (drawing, made by the descriptions)

But all is good, except that, unfortunately, no one has reliably and did not find the mysterious metal "boilers." While many talked about it, and even convinced about the secret chambers in these formations, and the bodies of some creatures out there that are like dormant.

The problem with many anomalous zones is that they are victims of "word of mouth", ie, The degree of distortion of information about the area eventually becomes irreversible forms so that we can not say for sure that there is profit, and that the tale. This is largely for the many anomalous areas on the lake, most of which are closely related to local folklore and shamanism. A striking example of this situation is the least well-known Cape Ryty. In addition to eyewitness accounts of unusual events in the area of the Cape there is no real scientific instrumental observations. There is only settled the popular belief that the place was cursed and as a result has become a health hazard, is here people.

With many other Siberian anomalous zones is the case in a similar way — Taishet anomalous zone, "Dacha Moon King" next to the village. Pivovariha, Vitim epicenter Okunevo village in the Omsk region, etc. We know about them long enough, and do not know how many. This is connected with the fact that in the description of the "miracles" of an unusual place dominated by only subjective abnormal factors, ie, "special" feeling person. But people are impressionable and are naturally prone to hoaxes, which means they are not the most reliable source of information.

All this may lead to the fact that wittingly or unwittingly multiplying "stories" and false information about this or that strange place, we end up in such a risk "information waste" does not see the real miracles and real anomaly.

Author: Nikita Tomin

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