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December 13, 2011 15:44

Collection of anomalies in orbit exceeded two thousand certificates

After successful launches of the first cosmonauts, many began to think that space is not fraught with special surprises, and gradually, step by step, reveal all its secrets. But further, longer flights into the unknown abyss showed stay in weightlessness is fraught with many surprises for scientists and astronauts themselves. And the very first flights were not quite so simple. It became known only recently.

Hallucinations in orbit

In November, the Smolensk Regional Universal Library. Twardowski was expected to meet with the famous pilot, world record holder, Ph.D., a member of the Union of Writers of Russia Marina Popovich. But she was not able to meet with readers. Health failed. A pity! Your humble servant was planning to talk to her about anomalous phenomena in orbit, since the collection of such evidence from this amazing woman, exceeded two thousand certificates. It turns out that even Yuri Gagarin in orbit hear some tunes, like music. On his auditory hallucinations telling and cosmonaut Vladislav Volkov. They literally chased him for almost the entire five-day flight aboard the "Soyuz-7" in 1969.
"At the bottom of the earth flying night … And then came the night of barking dogs. Ordinary dog, maybe even a simple mongrel … I do not know, where the way of association, but it seemed to me that this is the voice of our huskies. He came on the air and forever remained satellite. And then after a few seconds was clearly audible cry baby! And some voices. Once again, the earth does a baby crying. Explain all of this is impossible, "- he recalled after this difficult mission. Vladislav Volkov could have a lot to say today, but, unfortunately, died in 1971, along with Georgi Dobrovolsky and Viktor Patsaeva the accident descent capsule of "Soyuz-11".

Even more interesting visual and psychological phenomena in space. The first of them told the world in October 1995, research cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky, PhD, member of the Academy of Astronautics Tsiolkovsky. It has the intimate atmosphere of the astronauts in the "skin" of animals. The observed pattern-vision were unusually bright, in fact, he knew it other beings! And astronaut transferred to other unknown celestial bodies.

No less interesting information Dr.Sci.Tech Valentin Lebedev, not flown on the "Soyuz", and then on the "Salyut-7". According to him, many of the astronauts during flights seen some monsters, monsters that seemed to them quite real. American researchers, unlike their Russian counterparts, less talkative on this. Exception — Astronaut Gordon Cooper, who said that, while flying over the territory of Tibet, it is without any optical and electronic devices in the world could examine homes and their surrounding structures.

A cosmonaut Vitaly Sevastyanov from orbit over the area of Sochi could consider even own a two-story house. There are a lot of rumors about the fact that it is "seen" American astronauts on the moon. However, they keep silent, or they claim to have paid a subscription to disclose secrets. But many of them after returning to Earth clearly changed: some depressed, others are deeply religious, and some even broke off relations with the leadership of NASA.

More talkative was Edwin Aldrin, the second in the world's history has left its mark on the moon. He said that before landing on its surface has undergone an "attack" … space dust, "This cosmic wind penetrated my brain, that he obviously broke my nervous and mental balance."

Contrary to the "iron" instructions

Astronauts face other phenomenon that has been known for a long time, but never asked the "Print". Here is what one of the astronauts, which consisted of the crew flight engineer, told the magazine "Miracles and adventure." During the flight, the captain could not get into the proper orbit to perform docking with the space station. But the supply of fuel for any maneuvering of the ship is limited. If another attempt is not successful, would fly past the station, and not doing the job. Flight engineer to help the ship at that moment nothing could — responsible for its management of the commander.

And then at some point in the mind of a flight engineer sounded distinctly command: "Take the reins!" What is most surprising, the commander immediately gave his subordinate control of the ship. Then he says he did not hear any commands, and only realized he had to do just that, although it was against the "iron" instructions. A flight engineer did not lose consciousness, but was in a trance and obediently carried the team, "sound" in his head. Only because of these clear instructions and was last docked.

After returning to Earth commander to "get" from the authorities, to a lesser extent — the second member of the crew, but for obscure teams from they said nothing to anyone. Later it became known that something like this was shared by other astronauts. Apparently, there are phenomena that are not yet available to modern science … The mysterious phenomena occurred during the training of astronauts in Earth surdobarokamere. Wrote about that Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Lebedev in his book "Psychology and Space." One of the participants in the experiment of devices suddenly began to seem entirely unfamiliar faces. The other dashboard suddenly begins to "melt" and "drip" on the floor. Was a case where a person who was in the chamber, demanding off the TV because of the device supposedly came strong heat.

Changes in consciousness

Some experts have suggested that most of the reported cases of the astronauts is a change of consciousness. A man enters the unfamiliar environment, and it becomes a catalyst for such states. A senior fellow at the Center of Medical Sciences Vladimir Vorobiev says, vision and unexplained sensations in orbit, as a rule, do not torment the astronaut, and gave him a kind of pleasure. After returning from orbit, most space explorers are beginning to experience the state of anguish, they have an irresistible, sometimes painful desire to return there again.

Space, according to the scientist, — a book that tries to read people, but despite all their efforts, managed to overpower only the first page of this huge multi-volume …

Nicholas Kezhenov

"Work Path", Smolensk

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