About the dangers and benefits of watermelon

About the dangers and benefits of watermelons.  Photo from http://politikan.com.ua

One of the traditional approach to take in Moscow August — the appearance throughout the city large green cells, which are languishing in anticipation of his fate striped favorites Muscovites and all Russians — watermelons. Even spoiled fruit overseas residents of the capital are looking forward to the end of the summer, so the whole family to enjoy the fragrant and succulent giant pounds that way for10-12. But the most impatient instead of the seventh heaven of bliss risk to a certain number of nights on the pot, and then get to the hospital bed.

Most Popular in Russia watermelons certainly Astrakhan. This is a unique brand, a guarantee of taste and quality. Traders are well aware, and often shamelessly unsophisticated buyers are gullibility. Where residents of big cities in central Russia know that watermelons are growing not only in Astrakhan, Volgograd, but in the North Caucasus, southern Ukraine and Moldova, in the republics of the Caucasus and Central Asia. On the price tag says "Astrakhan watermelon" — then the way it is.

However, the nature used to do everything on time and if you put watermelons ripen tomid-to late August, then so be it. One might reasonably ask: where is taken in our cities, these delicious berries (this is from the point of view of Botany of watermelon fruit) at the end of July?

After a trial in Astrakhan eat watermelon is held in early August, the selective — in the middle of the month, well, a massive number begins with25th, so that indigenous striped "Astrakhan" should appear in Moscow only by September.

Option One: early maturing varieties of arbuzonosnyh other regions of Russia and abroad, but this option is unlikely because they are not yet in widespread practice, in addition, even for them, according to the All-Russian Research Institute of Irrigated Vegetable and Melon (VNIIOB), located in Astrakhan region needed 53-55 degree days 25-30.C. There is no threat to health can not be held, only benefit, but more on that below.

Option Two: Mid-season varieties (traditional Astrakhan watermelon), spurred by nitrogen fertilizers and, above all, of ammonium nitrate. Here is a variation of the more common and completely not indifferent health. And consider it in more detail.


Nitrates act on watermelons as anabolic steroids to bodybuilders: growth is accelerating and quickly dialed impressive weight and volume of the fetus. All anything, but that's out of the watermelon nitrates and categorically refuse to safely move to the organisms lovers feast on early arbuzyatinkoy.

That's where the fun begins. In Russia, the multikilogram whales eat in one sitting, and the whole family, so that the acute nitrate poisoning at this time of year is not uncommon. Especially hard it proceeds in children because nitrate compete with oxygen for our hemoglobin, and, I must say, competing successfully. And instead of the oxygen carrier hemoglobin (as methemoglobin) causes serious problems with cellular respiration.

Nitrates are not a good one more feature — build up in the body, causing chronic intoxication. Doctors call this a "cumulative effect". Overloaded nitrates children grow worse, get sick more often, adults become irritable, worse sleep.

The most interesting that distinguish between "pumped up" watermelon from the normal to the eye is almost impossible. Can help special measuring instruments to the content of nitrates invegetables and fruits by type of portable "Marion."


Next danger that may lurk in watermelon, as well as on its surface — it's germs. Matures fruit on the ground, then transported, stored — and this is not a sterile environment. If during the loading and unloading watermelon crack, the resulting juice is not only attracted well-known vectors of diversiform plague — flies — but it also becomes a great breeding environment for a wide range of microorganisms, which are like the human body, but rather a strange love, causing acute intestinal infection.

Common technique sellers — to prove the maturity of watermelon cut from it a small pyramid, to show the buyer and insert it back into the watermelon (for sale "on the cut"), also does not promise anything good. First, unknown, thus washed and cut with a knife to his someday. And secondly, even if inside the watermelon was not toilet fever pathogens, it is now very likely it will be possible to say that they appear.

And absolutely brutal way of selling watermelon (from the point of view of a potential customer of the stomach) — is selling slices. You can combine all of the above disadvantages and squared, or even a cube. It remains only to eat a dessert immediately on the market — and you can go to the hospital.

Dietary diuretic

And now we need to say a few words in defense of a normal, healthy and ripe watermelon. This is truly a unique creation of nature. It is difficult to find something similar among the many vegetables, fruit.

Watermelon — a dietary product. In the sense that the use of watermelon virtually no contraindications. Watermelon consists of water (up to 80 weight percent of the fetus), fructose, small amounts of glucose, sucrose, minerals and fiber. Fructose is unique in that it is absorbed by the body at all without the cost of insulin. This means that the sweet watermelon may have even patients insulin-dependent diabetes.

Striped dainty and has a diuretic effect, literally washing the body from the inside, and should be fragrant flesh is suffering from diseases of the heart, blood vessels and joints. Cores watermelon is useful also because, let's talk about that in the next section.

Warehouse micronutrient

Watermelon — a real treasure trove of magnesium, without which a person simply can not do without. The chronic lack of magnesium in the diet leads to high blood pressure. Magnesium and its "partner" — calcium — provide constriction and dilation of blood vessels, gear, which maintains the stability of blood pressure in the body.

Magnesium is important for deactivation of cholesterol and bile to bind salt of oxalic acid (oxalate) and to prevent the formation of kidney stones, to reduce the excitability of nerve, relieve muscle spasms and normalization of intestinal motility.

And this remarkable trace element per 100 grams of watermelon pulp contains as many as 224 milligram — more just in almonds. So, to repay the daily human need for magnesium enough to eat 150 grams of watermelon.

Watermelon is rich in potassium and, though it is smaller than in dried apricots, bananas and persimmon, but if you compare the same calorie content of bananas and watermelon, then grew up in Bahce "Russian" is clearly in a better position — the calories in a banana three times.

How to choose a watermelon

So decided to buy watermelons! What you should pay attention not to help increase sales antidiarrheal (in other words — antidiarrheal) drugs?

  • First of all — do not rush. These Astrakhan watermelons are best purchased in late August or early September, when the chance is high that the fruit can ripen completely on their own, without nitrate, and other tweaks.
  • Never buy watermelons from roads at the entrance to the city, with cars and other makeshift places of trade. It is almost a hundred percent chance of r
    unning into a low-quality products. Ask seller all documents in watermelon — including the testimony of Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance in the end you have the right to know what you pay your money.
  • Do not ask you to choose a watermelon seller "at his discretion." The task of the seller — to sell, let alone that he would sell you — it depends on his conscience, but it have, unfortunately, not all people.
  • Watermelon should not be brushed plaque — on pure watermelon should appear clear solar flare. Carefully inspect the fruit — if there is a little rotten place with a dot in the center — so it was injected with a syringe nitrate. Such charm that they may eat the sellers themselves. Do not take the fruit with cracks, dents, and other signs of violence on watermelon face.
  • "Tail" that is the stalk of watermelon should be yellow and dried, but not withered at all, since it is the first sign of long-term storage and transportation. And if you cut off the tail — it means to you something hide, put this watermelon aside.
  • It is desirable that the watermelon was a small yellow spot (called a "snout" — this is a place that watermelon in contact with the ground) — it means he ripened itself. If the stain is great — it means freezing the poor guy, he did not have enough sun and heat, the taste will be watery and sweetness is not the same.
  • Watermelon should loudly buzzing with pat — immature flesh is firm and sound in her column extends with difficulty. Squeeze watermelon hands (just do not overdo it!) — ripe fruit will crackle.
  • Choose fruit medium size (optimal — 5-7 kg), if you plan to feast on watermelons in a big company — it is better to take a few small melon than one kilogram of striped monster by 20.
  • Never take a watermelon "to cut" or slices, it is easier to throw the house turned out to be unripe watermelon, than to suffer from a stomach like a ripe, but populated by a microbiological laboratory "whale."
  • Do not eat watermelon immediately on the market or on the street. Wash it at home, you can even with soap and rinse with boiled water. During washing can double-check on watermelon ripeness — ripe fruit will float in the water and the green sink. Cut watermelon should clean knife. By the way, the fruit will be ripe with a characteristic bang "expenses" under the knife, and the seeds will be dark brown or even black (not white).

Properly selected and properly trained to be devoured watermelon give moments of joy and will benefit you and your family. Cheers and enjoy your meal!

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