Accusations of spreading the plague took off rats and mice British scientist

Accusations of spreading the plague took off rats and mice British scientistLONDON, August 18. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Makarchev /. Charges against rats and mice that they are carriers of plague struck Europe during a terrible epidemic H1U century, took the English scientist Barney Sloan. His findings reported today the London newspaper "The Guardian."
Studies in London burials of people who died of the plague at its peak — in 1348 — 1349 years, Sloan found that rodents are not involved in the spread of the disease. "Archaeological evidence shows that there is no reason to suspect the mice and rats in the transfer of the plague bacillus," — said the scientist. "The disease had such a high rate of proliferation, which was passed from person to person through breathing," — said Sloan.
The scientist is one of Europe's leading archaeologists and has long experience of working in the medieval excavations. Now he has completed work on the "plague cemeteries" in London.
According to Sloan, the magnitude of the epidemic was more significant than it is now. "Traditionally, from the Black Death killed half the then population of London, which reached 60 thousand people. However, we found the evidence suggests that this level was higher — about 75 percent," — said the scientist.
In H1U century during the plague in Europe have died from the disease to 60 percent of the then population.
Meanwhile, around the epidemic persist and many other mysteries. Thus, the Black Death was just as suddenly disappeared, as it had appeared.

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