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6.02.12.Nebolshoe increased activity of the volcano Semeru watched Indonesian Geological Survey in recent weeks, and his threat level was raised to 3, to February 3, 2012 opastno code remained at 2.

For much of the last year there was not much activity:

— C 29 December to 15 January, recorded eight explosions and ash emissions by up to 600 meters.
— From January 15-29, were observed only weak explosions and small emissions of steam and ash on 25-50 meters

— Between January 30 and 31 explosions were recorded 5 to 400 meters.

— February 2 at 07:47 local time, a powerful explosion at a height of 750 m and caused a small lava flow at a distance of 2.5 km.
Increased activity has caused the need to increase the level of readiness for the next day. Local residents advised not to approach the volcano within a radius of 4 kilometers, climbers are prohibited from entering the zone to the crater of the volcano is closer than 1 kilometer.

As of February 6, significant changes have occurred.

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Help Wikipedia:

Semeru (Semeru) — the highest volcano on the island of Java in Indonesia. Semeru is in the southern end of the volcanic complex — calderas Tenger (Tengger). The crater of the volcano is a lake of lava. Semeru height 3676 m (the highest point on the island), has several craters, the diameter of the modern crater 500-650 m depth to 220 m volcano complex andesites and basalts.

Since 1818, it was noted 55 Semeru eruption. Since 1967, the volcano is constantly active, it spews smoke, ash and pyroclastic material at intervals of 30-50 minutes. Semeru eruption are now mostly in the southern crater.

Semeru volcano Photo:

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