Activity of large groups of sunspots has declined

Sunspot group 1429, which became the largest in recent years, the area of which a maximum of 7 times the size of the disk of the Earth completes its work. According to the Institute of Applied Geophysics. Fedorov, she turns away from the earth and splits. During the day, its area decreased from 840 to 380 TIR magnetic type with simplified BGD to BG, and the flash is not generated. However, the Earth's magnetic field is still disturbed. March 12 is fixed another, the third, a magnetic storm, which in polar latitudes was strong in the middle latitudes — moderate. At the station, St. Petersburg storm began at 13 o'clock and lasted until 20 pm Moscow time, refine geophysics. The source of the storm was the coronal mass ejection, which was accompanied by the latest powerful flash M6.3 of March 9. During the period of the active region 1429, which appeared on the eastern limb of the Sun on March 2, there were more than 50 outbreaks, including 12 levels of M (4 on a 5-point scale), and two high-end flash H. The total energy emissions exceeded 5 million megatons of TNT. In polar latitudes observers expect several aftershocks of the aurora.

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