Aetna angrier and more active

Mount Etna, located in Italy, in a special tranquility at all lately not glory, but in the last days, he decided to remind myself that active. By the way, a mysterious change in the course of electronic hours of Sicily may well be explained by volcanic exactly nuanced, although a direct link (as well as the official explanation) scientists to have discovered.

Aetna now ready to stop the Italian air traffic, and the Sicily may well pour lava and sprinkle the ashes. For the current year Etna reminds himself six times, so much afraid of suspicious activity specialists, for a full eruption of Etna — it is a disaster to the most severe consequences not only for Italy (Sicily about this sad case, all will be forgotten.)

While Etna limited the ability to pass tourists and Sicily completely refuses aviation. But what more to expect from all over the awakening of the volcano, one answer is not in a hurry, though concerns in this regard can not be considered the brightest.

Strengthening the underground activity, Europe's largest active volcano Mount Etna, recorded on the night of 18 to 19 July, led to the temporary closure of the international airport of Catania.

This time, a large cloud of ash and gas rise above the Etna, the wind drifted eastward. According to the Civil Aviation Italy, canceled flights from Milan and Bologna.
All night from the crater of Mount Etna rising flame height of 200-250 meters, subterranean noise was heard, the neighborhood echoed ejected gas and ash. From the vent, located in the south-eastern slope of Etna lava flows came walking down the western side of the valley Bulls. No injuries or damage, the access of tourists to the volcano is limited.
As the website of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, according to tour operators in the Italian direction, significant changes in travel programs Aetna does not pay. "Etna volcano erupts constantly, therefore, is one of the most popular and famous attractions of Sicily. Usually, at this time all flights simply transfer from Catania airport to Palermo airport ", — said the manager of public relations one of the travel agencies. She also noted that most of the travel company programs start on Saturdays and Sundays, so this activity will not affect the convenience and comfort of tourists.
As experts of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (IIV), it is the sixth of the flurry of activity of Etna same crater from the beginning of the year. Previous recorded 12-13 January, 18 February, 10 April, 12 May and 9 July. Reducing the interval indicates the seismic situation worsening, experts believe IIV.
Etna, which reaches a height of 3328 meters, is considered the most active and the largest active volcano in Europe. Relatively small emissions of lava and ash from the volcano took place in May 2008 and November 2007. During a major eruption in 2002 ash escaped from Mount Etna, has reached Libya, located 600 kilometers from Sicily.
This summer Puyeue volcano in Chile has caused major problems people Adolescent America. Within a month, there is airspace open and close.
June 7 at the two airports — Aeropak and Ezeiza — was canceled 62 flights out of the Argentine capital. Volcanic ash poses a threat to aircraft because its particles getting into the engines can take them down.
In some areas in the southern part of Argentina because of the approaching ash cloud were closed schools, suspension of the work of government agencies. Serious trouble Argentina brought wind.
Volcano Puyeue altitude 2240 meters located on the Chilean side of the Andes. The last time it erupted in 1960 after the largest earthquake of magnitude 9.5. On Saturday, June 4, the volcano woke up and started spewing a column of smoke height of 8-10 km. Around 3,500 residents of nearby settlements were quickly evacuated to a safe area.
Puyeue last erupted in 1960. The current eruption has forced authorities to declare the highest level of threat. Volcano emits flames reaching the sky and clouds of ash nearly 10 km in altitude, which pierce the numerous lightning.
Ashes crossed the Andes and the donkey in the Argentine city of San Carlos de Bariloche, on the other side of the mountain range. In connection with the eruption of the volcano was closed city airport. City authorities urged residents to stock up on water and food. The city streets were covered with a layer of ash in 10 centimeters. According to witnesses, in these parts for more than 40 years have not seen anything like it, even here we hear rumblings from the eruption of the Chilean volcano. Volcanic eruption was accompanied by a series of aftershocks slack. Seismological activity, according to seismologists, is associated with a series of earthquakes in the Pacific plate. Virtually the entire territory of Chile is located in the so-called Pacific "fire zone" where most earthquakes occur in the world.
In May Grimsvotn volcano erupted in Iceland. 25 May the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano Grimsvotn reached continental Europe.


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