African swine fever outbreak in southern Russia


Plagued pig

17.01.11.Novaya outbreak of African swine recorded in the Rostov region. The loss of wild pigs occurred in Tatsinskiy hunting in the area. There's been quarantined.

A week earlier, a deadly swine virus was found in the Leningrad Region and Stavropol region, which borders with the Rostov region. Both regions were vedeny quarantine restrictions.

Based on the audit in breeding complex "Hope" in the Krasnogvardejskiy region of Stavropol, where the infection broke out, it was decided to open a criminal case under part 1 of article. 249 of the Criminal Code ("Violation of veterinary rules"). The area is supposed to destroy more than 10,000 pigs.

Recall that in June last year, outbreaks of African swine fever have been reported in the October district of Rostov region. There was introduced a state of emergency. Infection was found on pig farms Ltd. "Agrosoyuz South Russia." Another area center of disease was detected on STF ZPF "Miner" in Kommunarsky villages. In order to stop the African plague in the area were destroyed about four thousand animals.

African swine fever is not dangerous to humans, but the virus is at risk of destruction of all pigs in the troubled territory. Breeding of these animals can again not earlier than one year.

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