After 20 years of inactivity in the Chechen Republic earned woodworking plant

On the territory of alhankalinskogo woodworking plant located two shops. The first will be the raw material for the furniture industry. The planned capacity of the line — up to five million square meters of veneer per year. In the second workshop production line installed windows and exterior doors. This body is capable of producing up to 400 doors and windows in the day.

Raw material comes exclusively from the mountainous regions of the Republic. This not only harms the environment, but also helps to preserve nature. Experts recommend to clean the wood by cutting down — at 50,000 cubic meters per year. A power plant — 30000.

The company employs over 300 people. While the plant is not in full force. Its maximum load is planned for the summer of this year.

Steam plant for the two buildings produces up to seven tons of 200-degree steam per day. It clears away the mechanical and biological contaminants all products. The company installed the latest digital equipment from Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy. In the nearest plans of the Republic — to reconstruct the third building for the production of plywood. 

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