After a landslide in the Philippines, 150 people missing

On Friday, on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines continued to dismantle blockages. January 5 landslide occurred here. In the village of Pantukan, where the tragedy occurred, live mostly miners and their families. 25 people were killed and about 150 remain missing. Be retrieved from the rubble alive 16 people. They were sent to a hospital in a neighboring province. [Arnel Nicolas, the victim]
"We were asleep when the landslide began. Started pouring stones and earth. I rolled down and was next to a large house. Once there, I was able to survive. "President Benigno Aquino ordered an investigation to find the culprits. The fact is that last year in the Philippines due to security risks disabled the work for the production of gold in small quantities. Over the past few years in this region in the settlements of miners have been many landslides death. Earth softens because of liquid waste from gold mining. But in recent weeks, heavy rains loosened the soil even more. Authorities persuade residents to leave dangerous areas, but many ignore the warnings — in the region are some of the world's largest copper deposits of gold. People continue to keep its prey, usually — illegally and without any control. [Chelsea Larivan, the head of the village]
"Rural and municipal authorities talk with the residents. The problem is that they can not get out of here because of work and property. They refuse to leave. " Local miners earn up to 2,000 pesos a day (46 U.S. dollars), while the minimum wage in the region is almost 8 times smaller — 6.5 dollars. For unprotected fishing miners and stimulates the growth of the gold price.

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