After a major renovation in Novocheboxarsk (Chuvashia) opened Perinatal Center

In Novocheboxarsk finally opened perinatal center. While there was a reconstruction, a resident of the city went to give birth in the capital of Chuvashia. And the building itself is the hospital for 30 years, has not seen major repairs.

For the overhaul of the hospital as part of the modernization program of Health allocated 44 million rubles. On the sixth floor have changed the floor and bathroom fixtures, installed new windows, updated the Chamber. Opened in the perinatal center and two new offices — intensive care and neonatal pathology.

Lyudmila Nikitina, chief medical officer of the perinatal center: "To care for the newborn was staged. Second, we, like the rest of Russia, went on gestation premature infants weighing between 500 grams. "

Now, in the center employs seven delivery rooms. The building was constructed over 30 years ago, but major repairs are carried out for the first time. As long as the reconstruction, many women lived in expectation of a double miracle.

Anastasia Makarova, a young mother: "We prayed every day, kept his fists to our time to open the hospital. It happened. "

Dmitry Antonov, an obstetrician-gynecologist: "Many of our women that have been observed here, looking forward to the opening. Of course, they all give birth to a different mood here. "

Olga Semenova became a mother for the second time — a daughter named Masha. The first-born son, was born 16 years ago in this same hospital. Interior hospital Olga did not recognize him.

Olga Semenova, a young mother: "The same care midwives and nurses. As for equipment, was just surprised. House of new equipment — all contribute to a good mood. "
In two years, the perinatal center received 142 units of modern medical equipment, the old has served his sentence. For new equipment has allocated about 35 million rubles.

In just ten days of the updated perinatal center came into being here for more than 60 kids. Stubborn statistics once again proved its mettle. Most babies — boys. "

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