After overhaul Maternity Hospital opened in Krasnodar

March 5 after an overhaul MBUZ Maternity Hospital opened in Krasnodar

Obstetric hospitals on the street. Komsomolskaya, 44, str. Sedin, 50 are located in historic buildings built before 1917. In 2011, funds were allocated for the modernization program for the overhaul of the hospital on the street. Gray hair, and in 2012 — to repair the building on the street. Komsomol. Both obstetric hospital renovated with modern equipment: blood analyzers, ventilators, fetal monitors, incubators, ultrasound machines — only about 100 units, valued at over 60 million.

For major repairs and modern equipment Maternity Hospital in Krasnodar has been allocated 170 million rubles.


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