After reconstruction, opened kindergartens in 3 areas

The village Kangly Mineralovodskogo district opened after reconstruction kindergarten

New Year's Eve young villagers Kangly Mineralovodskogo district received a welcome gift — after major overhaul and reconstruction opened the door to a kindergarten.

Children in the village of Kangly much, the kindergarten was badly needed, but that the old building of the former elementary school brought in line with modern standards, the contractor — UMC "Mineral Waters" — had to work hard. Suffice it to say that civil works and new equipment from local and regional budgets was allocated 25 million rubles.

The building has an area of over 400 square meters will house three groups of preschoolers. All euro windows, insulated tile, include sports angles, there are interactive whiteboards, video projectors, a music room. Equipped with all the necessary medical office and catering department.

In Pestravskiy area was opened after reconstruction kindergarten "KOLOSOK"

On Thursday, December 27, the Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Trade of Samara region, Alexander Kobenko took part in the opening ceremony after the reconstruction of the kindergarten "KOLOSOK" located in Pestravka.

Managed to reconstruct the pre-school through the regional program "Development of the network of preschool educational institutions in 2012 — 2015 years." The amount of funding for the reconstruction of the regional budget was 37.9 million.

The works on strengthening internal and external bearing walls and foundations, basement waterproofing restored, flat roof replaced with pitched, repaired rooms, insulated, plastered and painted facade, replaced windows and doors, acquired all the necessary furniture.

As a result of the reconstruction of the kindergarten were further developed 40 pre-school places. It has allowed to eliminate the order to enroll in pre-school establishments with. Pestravka.

In the village of Parabel Tomsk region was opened after reconstruction kindergarten

In the village of Parabel Tomsk region was opened after reconstruction kindergarten number 2, in a building which had a second floor and two additional groups, according to local newspaper "Narymsky messenger."

"The construction of the second floor on the building of the kindergarten an opportunity to open two additional groups of children. In December, we took 74 brand-new baby, who first crossed the threshold of the kindergarten. So, for 74 seats moved all in kindergarten in the district center. It should be borne in mind that our kindergarten in district — for the youngest children, aged two — three years. After the reconstruction of the kindergarten create conditions that meet the modern requirements, "- said the head of the kindergarten number 4 Svetlana Vyalova.

In her words, to overhaul the building was uncomfortable, there was no room for larger events and warm toilet for staff. During reconstruction, in particular, each group was determined by two boiler that had warm water wash for washing dishes and children. Allocated separate rooms for physical education instructor and music director. Equipped medical room with a separate space-insulator and dressing room, a methodical study. The pride of the kindergarten was the assembly hall, where you can spend mornings and fitness classes. It already held the New Year's holidays for pupils.

According to the head of Alexander Charles Parabelsky district, the reconstruction of the kindergarten has cost 15 million rubles, including seven million rubles listed OAO "Tomskneft".



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