After reconstruction, opened the pediatric ward number 21 GB Perm

After the overhaul City Hospital opened a pediatric ward number 21 Perm. And in May, here the patients received an updated hospital. Regional budget repair two sections, maternity and child cost about 25 million rubles.

Thanks to repair next to pediatric department offices are now located ECG, functional diagnostics. Previously, young patients, these procedures were in different buildings city hospital number 21. In the offices of updated equipment, replace the ventilation system, made minor repairs to houses. And in a renovated hospital for 4 months came to light nearly 700 small Perm.

— This year, on behalf of the governor to overhaul hospital regional budget has sent 800 million rubles, another 400 million for new equipment added, the federal budget. All hospitals in the Perm region today either finished or end repairs. And it is not a cosmetic repair, and overhaul. We also acquire high-tech equipment — said Acting Health Minister Anastas Kruten. 

Thus, in the regional vascular centers established 10 new CT scanners that will work not only in hospitals, but also to examine outpatients. At the expense of the regional budget organized training for medical personnel to work on the new hardware.

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