After the cap. repair clinic opened in Krasnoyarsk number one children’s hospital number 1

Clinic number 1 MBUZ "City Clinical Hospital № 1" is designed for 500 visits per shift, serves 4866 children, it is the largest children's outpatient facility in the Railway area.

Clinic was shut down for major repairs for three years. All the while, the children were served in other clinics Railway area. Repairs carried out in the clinic building number 1 MBUZ "City Clinical Hospital № 1", allowed to bring all the premises in compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies.

Unfortunately, the repair work was delayed in the clinic. The contractor, which was originally awarded the contract, failed to perform the obligations undertaken systematically ripped off schedule. On this fact the main health department appealed to the Court of Arbitration — the contract was invalid. At the end of the auction in September, the clinic continued to work the new contractor — Company LLC IC "Grazhdanstroy", which completed all repair and construction work.

After inspection of the premises clinics Edkham Akbulatov said: "The issue of the choice of decent contractors is quite acute. Our task — acting in the legal field to minimize the risk of co-operation with unscrupulous companies. We have a list of negligent contractors, perhaps it's time to make a list of unscrupulous founders. In any case: Contractors, before coming to the objects, the more social nature, must accurately calculate the forces and capabilities and be aware of their responsibility for the performance of a task. "

Given the high demand for health clinics in the area, the hospital administration has started its phased commissioning. The first in the renovated offices started to keep receiving district pediatricians. Works vaccination study. Immediately after the New Year will begin work subspecialists in 14 kinds of specialized care. 7 of them are urban professionals (allergist-immunologist, gastroenterologist, infectious disease specialist, ophthalmologist in the office of view, orthopedic trauma, urologist and dermatologist). This means the clinic will provide medical assistance to children from other areas of Krasnoyarsk. It is planned that by the end of January clinic running at full capacity with all the means at its composition units. In 2012, as in all the outpatient clinics of Krasnoyarsk, in the clinic will be implemented by the project "e-Registry".

For reference.

In 2011, major repairs, renovation and construction work carried out in 13 health facilities of the city. Particular attention is paid to the field of maternal and child health. It was a new children's clinic in the district of North, in December began to work after repair children's clinic in the Kirov region. In the summer of 2011 to the municipality acquired Children's Clinic of Railways, which became part of the "City Children's Clinical Hospital № 1"

After overhaul antenatal clinic opened in the Sverdlovsk region. Opened a new women's consultation in the Railway area.

Bought modern medical equipment to 13 health care facilities.

In 2012, the City will continue the reconstruction of a children's hospital number 4 on the Yushkova. Considerable funds are allocated for the development of construction documents: the reconstruction of the operating unit with an extension of the City Clinical Hospital № 6, ophthalmic reconstruction, therapeutic, cardiological department of the front desk, as well as laundry and catering department at the City Clinical Hospital № 20.

Will be finalized documentation for the reconstruction of the former emergency room on the street. Queen for placing the department of rehabilitation city children's clinic number 2, for the construction of a new building for the city hospital number 4 on Kutuzov. Work is continuing on the development of construction documents at Children's Hospital in the Central Region, the documentation for the construction of the adult clinics in North and ambulance station in the central region.

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