After the floods in Australia fell unusual hot snow

Flooding that occurred recently in the south-eastern part of Australia, forced thousands of residents to leave their homes and evacuate the period of threat. When the inhabitants of the province of South Wales have returned to their towns and villages, they did not recognize the scenery. Everything was white, as in the winter. On closer examination revealed that the lawns and parks covered with snow-white linen solid web. Biologists immediately give an explanation. The fact that the water is not only saved people. Hordes of spiders, instinctively, moved inland, to protect themselves from the water. This happens often, but the phenomenon known to biologists as "ballooning" is rare. In an effort to climb as high as possible and escape endures water spider webs entangle all around and create a continuous cover at a certain height from the ground. It's the people of South Wales was the snow.
I must say that many Australians are seriously scared of spiders neighborhood, but the zoo spiders Brett Finlayson all hastened to reassure. He said that after the flood, as a rule, increases the humidity and the air is filled with annoying mosquitoes. According to the biologist, spiders are not only safe for humans, but also to help cope with mosquitoes.

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