After the State Duma for gays come from the Vatican

Number 23 (365)from June 20, 2013 ["Arguments of the Week"]

  • After the State Duma for gays come from the Vatican
  • After the State Duma for gays come from the Vatican

Pope Francis

In Europe, closely following the search of some deputies of the State Duma of Russian pedophile lobby and the adoption of our Parliament the law against homosexual propaganda. It is clear that the EU lawmaking is a strong protest. German Chancellor Angela Merkel even officially urged Russia to abandon law establishing penalties for the promotion of same-sex relationships. But suddenly our deputies found allies. And not small fry, and the Pope Francis. 

According to the Italian press, the pope recently during a meeting in a narrow range close bishops made a very strong statement:"The Vatican operates gayest lobby".Curiously, he touched on this topic before. In particular, at the end of May during an audience with Pope Sicilian bishops also spoke directly about gays, entrenched in the Holy See.

However, this topic is not new. According to the newspaperLa Repubblica, members of the gay club Vatican has long been "Monsignor are with an excellent reputation, capable thanks to its power to transform the entire daily life of the Roman Curia." Also, all well remember that shortly before his sudden resignation dadBenedict XVIcommissioned three cardinals to investigate the activities of the lobby. But, apparently, did it too late — the Cardinals a word not mentioned publicly on progress, and German father went to bed.

However, it seems carefree life of gays in robes will soon come to an end. According to Roman journalists, Francis reviewed the dossier compiled by the Cardinals. After that, he even fell into a mild depression. Some of the leaks has learned that, according to the Pope, the publication of the report can causea veritable explosion.Supposedly in this document are listed by name all those who for the past eight years of Benedict XVI stealing, participated in the conspiracy, aired in the media secret documents and even state secrets. A supervised this activity is small, butdensely welded part of the Curia, uniting gay priests.
They have actively promoted their nominees on the career ladder, up to the highest positions. And now the Vatican gays are ready to mount to stand up for their partners.

They say that as a result of dad Francis realized that you need to act immediately. Otherwise, he may repeat the sad fate of his predecessor, and generally be the last pope, as foretold centuries ago by the Irish Saint Malachy. Therefore, in the near future will most reform the Curia. And in early fall will the so-calledCrown Council, which will includeeight true Pope Cardinals.They will literally burn with a hot iron has infected all the filth of the Holy See.

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