Again the strange objects in the deserts of China

November 1, 2012 1:35

Google Earth is not the first time reveals the strange objects in the deserts of China. Last year, it was reported on the opening of giant concentric circles of military facilities, which included fighter jets, a radius of about a kilometer in the Gobi Desert. Analysts believe that it could be a band to practice launches missiles.

Also reported the discovery in the Gobi desert mysterious networks of relatively straight lines. Some analysts believe that they are built to simulate the urban road network and are designed for testing nuclear missiles guidance systems.

And now another strange object found in a remote part of the country, this time in the Taklamakan desert in western China.

This eight-kilometer line of dots in the Taklamakan Desert near the town Ryukuang. They represent sorokametrovoy grid-like object point staggered.

These structures can be traced all the images Google Earth until 2004.

At first glance it seems quite difficult to determine what could be designed this structure. However, analysts have found a clue in the statements of the Chinese government, which once announced the opening of huge deposits of nickel in the region.

In this case, the grid — the result of a comparative study of the geological region.

This sounds like a plausible explanation, but a large number of wells drilled in such a vast area, still raises questions.

Analysts say that if the assumption is true, then this region of China is likely to become an important center of the mining industry in the next few years.

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