Ageless derringer

Firearms tool, which is placed in the pocket, and with all this are the most effective long-standing dream of all the designers associated with firearms. At the moment these standards, on its own essence, are smaller versions of full-size guns, but once is not something that one could not realize all neatly and compactly, while maintaining the reliability of weapons, but did not even have vserasprostranennyh automation schemes that are currently used in pistols . Yet, small-sized and efficient tool would love to have, and to satisfy this desire to fully managed gun derringer.

Ageless derringerIn fact read about this weapon as one model can not be in any time, it is prefabricated title all guns that have multiple barrel and reloading which is done by "perelomke" barrel guns. Pope of conventional and compact pistols became Henry Deringer, but it is not the same Henry followed by Kentucky rifle is better known instrument, regardless of their own age, and his son, Henry Jr. in other words. Fun fact is that the idea of creation of such a tool was born the designer in his youth, but come-zagadanoe in the metal he managed only to forty years. One can only speculate why the plan to conduct all this time. It may be a prerequisite for this was some kind of problem of the future guns, which the designer could not decide which is unlikely because these guns are ordinary at very own design. Personally, I am inclined to opinion, that there has played a huge role outlook father, who could not see the idea of offspring peospektivu never gave etu.samuyu embody the idea. This is also confirmed by the fact that the human being was created first oboazets at this moment, when Henry Jr. became the owner of his father's business. Approximately first derringer appeared in 1825, but certainly no one can say that, and not surprisingly.

Ageless derringerWith the establishment of mass production of guns, pistols, Henry Deringer captured not only the area of North America, but also received wide distribution and beyond. The main feature of this instrument was its incredibly low price at that time. Although the lack of compact and yet efficient tool also affected. The fact is that the guns have since been very, very expensive, in addition, is really effective ammunition used exclusively in some of the most expensive options. A derringer pistol, which we associate with the weak and small-caliber weapon, and performed at a rather massive ammunition, because, despite the small size and weight, the design of the gun can withstand very thick rounds. So Makar, these guns have become an integral part of the kind ladies of easy virtue, card player and other members unsafe "professions". It was fun as well, and that even the owners of such guns not cheap like a gun got myself and more than a small benchmark in the form of a derringer pistol, which hovered just in case. Speaking of ammunition. First mass-produced guns derringer were caliber .41 inches.

Ageless derringerWhile reading many articles have seen that the name is spelled with a gunsmith "P", while the title of the gun has two "P". I can not vouch for the accuracy, but there I guess that explains this phenomenon. The fact is that in addition to Henry Deringer release of this tool takes a huge amount of other manufacturers. Conventional design, good demand, what else is needed to make the batch creation. In short, it was difficult if not advanced copyright law. It was a sin not to use it, the more that even one person, provided all the necessary at the time the gun was able to do 3-5 a day, and it's 30-50 bucks, which were very great facilities. With such competition, particularly Henry Deringer pistols were absolutely not the most turns, the situation worsened as well, and that the patent as such an instrument at the gunsmith was not that it was a severe mistake. Henry's main rivals were his workers who started their own after the dismissal of the creation of this instrument "under the wing" of the merchant Adolf J. Plate, and at the same time solving the problem of distribution. In the end, it all ended with the court between Plato and Derindzhirom, which dragged on for many years and over, perhaps surprisingly, in favor of the gunsmith, not a merchant. So here's a double "P" in the title might seem completely guns for what would have been less complaints from the legitimate owner, from which he naturally was neither cold nor hot.

Ageless derringerDesign pistols were so diverse that depict only one of them and say exactly what it is, one is the "right" to do this stupidity. Henry came out of the workshop Derendzhera, this gun was really popular and carried out in a variety of calibers, barrel lengths and the number of these same trunks. In most cases gun based on a trigger mechanism simple act, as a matter of the ordinary. But with the development of weapons-grade case designs were improved and in the midst of these pistols can find masterpieces unnamed weapons genius. It is interesting as well, and that the combined pistols met when one was a rifled barrel, the second is designed for firing shot. The abundance is that my head is spinning.

With the development of weapons of the case, the difference in cost between the derringer pistols and revolvers inexorably declining, which should have meant the end for this weapon. Yet, guns have not disappeared, and continued to occupy the niche of small-sized and always ready to use tools such as defense and crime. No matter how trying the designers to improve their revolvers, guns still cheaper and more compact Derringer they do not succeed. Even at this moment, when the eyes of an instrument exchanged and presented to him at all other requirements can be found relatively modern versions of these guns. A striking example of this can be either MP-451 is silent S4M. Possible to see on store shelves in the form of continued derringer pistols traumatic OCA, Guardian, etc.. That is now ageless gun.

Ageless derringer

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