AH-64D BLOCK III turned into AH-64E

AH-64D BLOCK III turned into AH-64E
Attack helicopter AH-64D Block III Apache Boeing Company renamed AH-64E, Flightglobal reported Oct. 24. This decision was made after the end of the whole cycle of the operational test.
Model Block III has a huge number of innovations to justify the name change, says marketing manager and Boeing AH-64 pilot Handy Ray (Ray Handy). AH-64E blades made of composites, changed their profile, in addition, redesigned the entire drive system, engines and transmission significantly modernized. «It’s brand new transmission,» says Handy. Brand new drive system significantly increases the capacity of the helicopter. Since the 1990s, modernization has led to an increase in weight of the machine, but the brand new box downsized helicopter.
«These innovations have led us to the days when the» Apache «was easier to light aircraft,» says chief test pilot helicopters Boeing Todd Brown (Todd Brown).
Helicopter Avionics also significantly improved. Largest configuration was that the helicopter started to use open architecture avionics also upgraded flight control system.
Newcomer modification was able to manage 4 flights of unmanned aircraft, which also increased the combat abilities of the helicopter.

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