Alien Moon Base filled up like mushrooms

December 22, 2011 7:01

Every day there is more and more evidence of the theory of the existence of alien bases on the moon. And with increasing speed appear more and more explanation of this.

In the X-XI century BC, during the ancient Chinese dynasties, stargazers wrote many treatises on the night sky. But none of them refers to the moon. Therefore, we can conclude that at the time Sputnik was not. In comparing the theory and the legends of the Deluge, by some researchers, it is assumed that the appearance of the Earth's orbit of the Moon was one of the main causes of this ancient catastrophe. Many scholars believe that the historical period that is associated with the appearance of the Earth's orbit of its satellite, and are first mentioned came to Earth from space strange creatures. Supports this hypothesis ancient Mayan drawings depicting people in unusual attire, which descend from the moon.

Astrophysical information system in 1968, NASA launched a directory that contains a description of some six hundred anomalies on the lunar surface. This directory contains information on the UFO moving in different sizes and shapes, lunar craters that appear and disappear, rosy mists flash of bright light and shadow casting an unknown object. A Russian astronomer Kozyrev recorded on the lunar surface a number of outbreaks of red. Anomalies of this kind are often fixed in one of the largest lunar craters. Its diameter is more than a hundred kilometers. He was named "Alfonso." This crater is the most mysterious place on the moon.

American astronomer Carl Sagan in the 60 years of the last century, made a statement that on the surface of the moon were discovered cave, the size and shape of which can make the assumption that they are not natural objects. The internal volume of the largest cave is more than a hundred cubic kilometers. At the time, U.S. astronauts were told that virtually all lunar mission spacecraft "Apollo" in the period from 1968 to 1972 were carefully monitored by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. In addition, there were cases of contact with aliens astronaut. They communicated with the astronauts with a special code cipher. The theory of the existence of such a cipher confirmed in 1958 by a Japanese scientist-astronomer Kenzahuro Toyoda. He was able to see the lunar surface seven giant letters that disappeared after a few nights. And remains unexplained appearance of these letters.

And more recently in the media leaked phrase Neil Armstrong. American astronaut said it right after the landing on the moon, "Oh, Lord! Yes there are other spacecraft. They are located along the far side of the crater and watching us! ". Iosif Shklovsky, Soviet astrophysicist assumed that the moon may well be a huge dormant alien ship. Somewhat later, a similar version of the advanced and radio astronomer Alex Arkhipov of Russia. He made the assumption that the moon — nothing like an alien plant that are specifically designed to monitor the Earth and its inhabitants.

Scientists and astronomers, including the staff of the American space agency, believe that the government of the world hides from people about stay aliens on the Earth's satellite. But the presence of photographs depicting a variety of buildings and left on the soil of the moon the following techniques, show the opposite. As expected, the alien hidden alien base on the Moon. Witnessed the so-called "lunar kingdoms", became astronauts from mission "Apollo." Rumor has it that on the back side of the moon towers and castles are made of transparent material that resembles rock crystal. Also, there exist various types of equipment and leaves a trail of transport.

Undoubtedly, in the near future we expect no less amazing finds. It's no wonder our night light for a long time excites the minds of people with his mysterious and inexplicable force.

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