All the mysterious objects is nothing as essential beings living beyond three-dimensional reality — Critter

March 8, 2012 17:47

"Skayfishi" ("celestial fish")

"Skayfishi" ("celestial fish")

Thing of the past era, when all the unusual phenomena in the world associated with the intervention of alien intelligence. Today, researchers, many working on the problem of "flying saucers" are leaning towards a new paradigm: many UFOs are energetic nature, as part of the surrounding natural environment. As, however, and other anomalous phenomena …
Perhaps all of the mysterious objects is nothing as essential beings that live beyond the three-dimensional realnosti.Znakomtes: Critter!
As you know, sometimes developed photo you can see some mysterious beings or objects that are not visible at the time of shooting. Such facts have led one group of Italian scientists to the idea that in nature there are no visible to the human eye forms of life, which are based on plasma.

 Luciano Bocconi and James Constable conducted a series of experiments in an attempt to discover the "unidentified objects". To do this, they set up in the desert area near the Gulf of Genoa various sensors and cameras that were to fix any abnormal deviation and any item that appears in their actions.
Used to shoot ultra-sensitive film. The observations were carried out in three years, usually at night.
And experiments really brought the expected results. One of the photos captures a huge glowing ball of light which has a fountain. It was like a burst of energy. Next to the ball, there were two other glowing like structure hooks.
Other photographs from the same series of "hooks" to thicken, and the ball eventually lost a round shape and has turned into a kind of burning the "butterfly."
Another time, the camera photographed a glowing ball again, but this time within the object is clearly taking place some processes. Elsewhere on the body photographs were black in appearance or amorphous nature of the plasma. In one case it was clearly seen as an object in the shape of the dome there is a small blue ball.
Even more interesting are pictures taken in the areas of nuclear and magnetic anomalies, or in places where the animals are restless. These pictures are seen strange creatures resembling mythical monsters. Some creatures had wings, others looked like prehistoric pterodactyls …
These creatures are found in different parts of the U.S.. They can be seen with the naked eye. Also in the photos present some shapeless and translucent structures. They are moving very rapidly through the air clearly in a certain direction.
Scientists managed by infrared radiation to take pictures of the fires in the mountains. They see a big mushroom objects hanging over the fire place. However, other objects (small size) glided over the ground at a height of about 1 meter. Their men, of course, did not see. A similar pattern was observed during earthquakes.
According Bocconi, all such facilities, including ball lightning is nothing as essential beings that live beyond the three-dimensional reality and therefore invisible. But under certain conditions, these entities can be seen in our world. Like organisms arbitrarily change its structure, color, and size. This may explain the reasonable fireballs, and the sudden appearance and disappearance of various celestial bodies.
D.Konstebl gives plasma entities known as "Critter" — "creation." Bocconi believed that they had been known since ancient times. The ancients called them "shining", "Devas" and "elementals." In Tibetan books and teachings of the Toltec Indians mention many races that inhabit the Earth, with the majority of them — inorganic nature. So the belief in spirits and mythical creatures have real grounds.
Skayfishi — the so-called mysterious creatures, which can sometimes be seen in nebe.Skayfishery — catchers "sky fish"
A variety of critters are probably and skayfishi. First started talking about them in 1994. Then director Jose Escamillo spent filming in New Mexico. On the tape, he noticed a strange object, which at first took to be a UFO. Subsequently, however, the director concluded that the footage shows the substantive movement in the air at high speed!
Such as Escamillo creatures found on his other videos. Soon the evidence accumulated so much that he created a special site on the Internet dedicated to the "super-fast beings."
It turned out that other people notice. Outwardly, these mysterious creatures resemble worms. However, on the side they have special tabs that allow them to fly through the air, making a wave-like motion at speeds of 100 to 1000 kilometers per hour. They vary greatly in size — from 30 inches to 3 feet.
They are called variously "flying rods", "solar beings" (these objects is well seen in the sun), but the most common name — "skayfishi" ("celestial fish"). Most researchers who study the phenomenon, are convinced that it is a question of living beings!
After the discovery of Escamillo skayfisham interest spread throughout the world. There were even hunters on these animals — skayfishery.
One of the most famous skayfisherov — Japanese farmer Kozo Ichikawa. Neighbors respectfully call him master Ichikawa. In the village where he lives, "celestial fish" come across quite often. Usually they are found in the mountains. The locals call them "tyuman" and revered as spirits.
Catch skayfishey Ichikawa learned from childhood. Bait in the water is heated by the resin, in which the floating pieces of dried tuna … However, caught skayfishi do not usually live in captivity — they die quickly and almost instantly decay, turning into a gel-like liquid mass, which soon evaporates, leaving the surface of a wet spot.
Incidentally, the "superfast" creatures can become perpetrators of air crashes. Incidentally, in the frames depicting a plane crash at the notorious Lviv air show, was also discovered a strange object, like a skayfisha …
Now — this is the reality?
If the true nature of these creatures — the ethereal, what is the ether itself? In ancient times, people believed that all the space around us is filled with a special material. It is called ether. The Greeks and Romans revered as one of the world's major elements. Since then, researchers have repeatedly put forward the hypothesis of the physical existence of the ether and is trying to prove them. That gives rise to various broadcast astral entities — are convinced supporters of esoteric teachings.
Thus, EP Blavatsky believed that the astral plane — it is the lowest layer of air. There dwell the souls of the dead and the twins of people and animals. Astral double everyone has, but it is off the air and is rarely visible to the naked eye, but has a way of thinking, like his original. In some cases, it can still be seen, especially in extreme circumstances — for example, when a person is seriously ill, or he would be killed.
Many sensitives can allocate arbitrary or not his astral body in space, and then it is seen by others. Some clairvoyants watch next to living beings their phantoms.
In addition to the twins on the air "live" and other entities that we used is referred to the otherworldly life forms. Some have a very bizarre appearance — spherical objects, taken by us for UFOs, mythical monster — critters. Typically, the appearance of a ghost or other "supernatural" beings makes people fear, sometimes even shock. Some people start to imagine that in contact with them to take some "higher power."
Meanwhile, from the point of view of the theory of ether and nothing fatal emergency in such phenomena do not. "Efiryane" does not appear from the outside, as we imagine — they are always there for us. Just at some point in time favorable conditions for small the world has become tangible for us. Perhaps this is due to changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere or our mental state.
It is possible that in the distant past, people could effortlessly observe the inhabitants of ether and communicate with them.
Because so many legends about ghosts, goblins, fairies, elves.
Meeting them does not surprise our ancestors — they were perceived as a matter of course.
But due to environmental changes, and can, in the process of psychological adaptation to the environment — it is not easy to live in a world under your feet constantly confused subtle essence — part of the brain responsible for inner sight was blocked. True, the "subtle" forms of life can capture infrared photography …
Science confirms!
The problem is not only interested in the ether of esotericism and parapsychologists, but also scientists. French explorer O.ZH. Fresnel developed the theory of light based on the fixed world ether. At the end of XIX century American physicist A.A.Maykelson put some experiments with his invention of the instrument — an interferometer capable of measuring the spectra of the different elements.
Experiments have shown that the spectrum of the flow of light rays passing through a system of mirrors, slightly shifted. This, according to the scientist, prove infidelity hypothesis stationary ether.
Several years ago, engineer Yu.G.Serezhenkov decided to repeat the experiment of Michelson, in order to reveal the existence of the so-called "ether wind", allegedly from the contact between our planet with ether. According to the researcher, a technical device Michelson interferometer made it impossible to capture the wind. Improved Serezhenkovym devices, he says, produce this effect.
"I've tried them all over — down in the subway, rose to the surface, was a closed room — and the result is the same everywhere" — says the engineer.
In front of a large audience of scientists demonstrated the performance of their devices — in his hands interferometers themselves swayed in response to fluctuations in the invisible substance. Serezhenkov believes that the phenomenon of "ether wind" can also be used for practical purposes — with an interferometer can, for example, paved the way under the water — air is there.
In addition, the invention offers great promise in space technology — it will help build the rocket light field, which will be a source of energy.
It turns out that broadcasting does exist and there is no mystery? But the secrets always remain. Scientific theories also require validation, and who knows — maybe in time we will open more and more properties of this unusual substance?

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