Amazing places Gravitoanomalii on earth!

I'll talk to you today about the anomalous zones on the ground, where it is often found that the phenomenon of Gravitoanomaliya (the ability of people. Flying objects). Do you think this is not possible? Then please visit Lake Salantina Argentina and Zone Preyzera of California in Santa Cruz (USA).

Videos about these amazing places and mysterious places in the article.

"… Far from the Argentine town caratam a lake Salantina. Here periodically cease to operate the laws of gravity, and the people that are at this time on the beach or in the water of the lake, fly up in the air for several meters. Riddle of the anomalous zone, scientists still can not solve … I chose this name for his metal project, you never know when you throw up and you'll find yourself at the top … You never know when and how long will you fall … and up again to go up " (Yu Zuikov)

Scientists have not abandoned their attempts to unravel the secret of the lake Salantina, which is located near the Argentine city of caratam.

Lake Salantina-small lake in Argentina, next to which, as the legend says, is a strange place. Some even argue that from time to time, tourists, vacationers on the lake suddenly appear as if in zero gravity and even fly above the earth at a height of 2 meters. There are even volunteers that are specifically expected to "turn anomalies" sometimes for weeks, waiting for when it happens to hang the air for about an hour.

It is said that one tourist flew into the air 5 times. On the lake does not apply gravity, and people can fly. Been to this place attracted the attention of not only tourists, but also theologians and scientists. Today it is known only that in a completely random periods of time, gravity disappears and people are getting easier. They fly up to 3-4 meters above the lake.

The lake is less than 200 meters in diameter, and gravity "turned off" only on a small area near the shore area of only 50 meters, — Carlos Penas says physicist who studies the anomaly to February 1999. — We could never predict when the anomaly disappears or appears.

Thus, for example, 6 April midday it occurred three times with a small five minutes, break.

But sometimes just do nothing happens for weeks. A waiter from caratam Thomas Debako — the only person to fly as much as 5 times. "This feeling is difficult to convey, — He says. — The first time I took off, then scared to death. After all, for me it was quite a surprise.
We came with a friend to the lake to swim and so, therefore, we are sailing, and suddenly some power literally pulled us out of the water and lifted into the air. We flew for about five minutes. It seemed to me that we are under water, with the only difference that could breathe. "

Scientists have unsuccessfully tried to unravel the secret of the lake Salantina anomalies, but no large studies have not been conducted.

Area Preyzera

Area Preyzera — abnormal place located in California in Santa Cruz (USA) and found in 1940 by George Preyzerom. Today, a small area on the side of a hill overgrown with giant eucalyptus trees, has become a tourist attraction.

 Watch Online Area Preyzera (Gravitoanomaliya)

At the entrance to the abnormal area of land lies a concrete beam. One end is covered by the mysterious forces, the other outside it. With the help of a guide available at each level can be sure that the beam is perfectly horizontally. However, if the opposite ends of the beam to put two people of about the same height, it is in the area will look significantly lower, and swapped places with his partner — a much higher than that.

Within the zone there is a small wooden hut, which Preyzer built 40 years ago. It is heavily skewed. When approached, the visitors feel increasing pressure, so I have to lean forward to keep his balance. Compass zone is behaving very strangely in a meter off the ground it just shows part of the world, but it is omitted below, the arrow changes its position at 180 degrees.

Heavy metal ball with the power which was put on a trench (tilted toward the center of the zone), and not having done half way, stops and rolls back to the acceleration. Similarly, breaking the law of gravity, behave and non-metallic objects. All these effects are amplified as the center of the zone — inside the hut. The most powerful effect felt by people in the same place. They tend to the ground with such force that develops the visual impression that they are floating in the air.

This is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. It is said that the first Indians of this place opened. Warriors of the Ohlone tribe, who lived on the West Coast of America, not just the mystical rites performed here. Fortunately, the mystery in this California forest and truth abound.


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