American and Indian scientists have confirmed paranormal properties doorways

February 13, 2013 3:21

Sometimes, even in the most ordinary things can be found amazing, and even the strange properties that are now called — "paranormal."

Very often unexplained anomalies are located right next to us, we do not notice, but they affect us every day, and we do not understand what is happening to us

So, as usual over the doorway, required in any room, can have an impact both on people and on animals. However, few people know about the nature of this impact, and few of us will look for anomalous properties in the commonplace door frame.

Let's start to remember that everyone knows the proverb warns man to stand in the doorway, and pass anything through it. Also, recall omen when a person forgets a thing in the house, and returned to her, and you are allowed to transfer it to him only about a threshold, or even stepping on the threshold, but not pass through him directly. And even in all the ancient dream books you will find interpretations dreamed door (or threshold), depending on whether it is open to you, or closed — waiting for you new features or you will not be.

Activities of great men, too, gives us intriguing facts with a "door" or "doorway". For example, the famous Italian artist Salvador Dali instinctively felt their special properties, so often painted door. Even in the Bible, you can find the famous sacramental phrase: "Ask, and it will reward you, knock — and you opened the door." It is possible that the door here marks the beginning of an important new life cycle.

Scientists from the U.S. and India are also interested in the unique properties of a doorway, or simulate it, and had a number of interesting experiments. It turned out that the passage through any opening has a physical or mental effects on living matter. Classic rectangular design of doorways, which connects and separates geometrically different rooms, is, in fact, elementary portal in the "other world" or "dimension." Simply put, the "performance" of one room is often very different from the "performance" of the other rooms. That is why it happens that in the same room we are cozy and comfortable, and in the next room, we just "do not find the place itself." But also the rectangular shape of the entrance to the other space has rather strange properties that are managed scientifically.

It is known for, and prove that the intersection of each door opening is accompanied with deletion of a small amount of short-term human memory. Very good, this phenomenon shows our eternal "forgetfulness", when we deliberately go into another room for any matter or thing, and when we come to the right place, we can not remember why we came here. Hence, it is clear, and went folk wisdom — come back to the place where you came from and then everyone will remember.

Very curious fact that in the broken path of movement in the room and then going through the many doors, openings forgetfulness even greater, and can lead to complete chaos in the mind. Now think of long, straight, endless corridors of the doors, which were available in all the royal palaces.

It turns out that the human brain just such an internal security architecture, and the designers of that time knew that perfectly well.

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