Americans once again have found Noahs Ark




In the Monday, April 26, at a press conference in Washington, DC Dr. Daniel McGivern announced that the study of photographs of Mount Ararat, made space satellite, exactly proved that known anomaly on the slopes of the mountain, at an altitude of 4725 meters above sea level, has a length of about 183 m — "work of human hands."

"This has left no doubt — says the doctor — and now we have started negotiations with the government of Turkey (the artifact is in the border area, where foreigners are not allowed), so we were allowed to spend the summer digging. Then we can say for sure, if this is the legendary Ark, where the pious Noah and his family survived the Great Flood, as described in the Bible. " According to the plans of Dr. McGivern, the expedition will go to the excavations in August.

The pictures that presented the journalists were taken last summer from satellite Quick Bird, but their transcript has been completed recently. Commercial unit was launched by Space Global Imadging in the project to create a digital globe of the Earth. The newest equipment on the satellite allowed to take pictures with a resolution of up to 60 cm By the same researchers were lucky: the summer of last year in the Northern Hemisphere has become one of the hottest in the last few centuries. Glaciers on Mount Ararat noticeably melted, revealing a significant part of the artifact.

Noah's Ark 'found' in the past. First pictures of him, called "Ararat anomaly", "surfaced" in 1995. They published the CIA, saying the pictures were taken in 1949 with the aircraft. The following were received in 2000 from the satellite "Icon". All of them were not clear and caused a controversy. But more than others puzzled photograph taken Turkish Lieutenant Curtis in 1959. He also captured the plane remains of some huge ship on the slopes of Mount Ararat. Only the ship was lying about 20 kilometers from the "Ararat anomaly" and 2000 meters below. This led some scientists to suggest that there were two arks. And Noah had come for the old days someone else. Scheduled for August expedition should dispel all doubts.


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