An agreement on the construction of new plants in the Rostov region

Memorandum on cooperation in the project to create the production of irrigation equipment Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev and CEO of Valmont Global Irrigation Aaron Schapper signed on January 18, in Germany at the International exhibition "Green Week".

This will be the first investment company in Russia and the first of its production enterprise in the territory of the Russian Federation. Investment in the first phase of construction is $ 12 million Estimated start time of the first production Valmont in the Rostov region — 2014. The project will be implemented in the October industrial park. This is one of the three industrial parks in the Rostov region, located in the Eastern Donbass.

On the same day in Berlin as part of the international agricultural exhibition "Green Week 2013" Governor Vasily Golubev, president of the Health &Nutrition company Evonik Industries (Germany) Reiner Beste, president, Bio Products Walter Pfefferle and General Director of "DonBioTeh" Vladimir Kudryashov signed an agreement providing for the establishment of the Rostov region of the complex for deep processing of grain to produce amino acids.

Production of irrigation systems will be the fifth localized project here: in addition to the October Valmont Industrial Park already are 4 resident company, three companies have already been put into operation. In this case, running in the park of hot dip galvanizing plant "MetallDon" can now become a partner of the American company, as galvanizing structural components of irrigation systems — part of the manufacturing process on the future of the plant Valmont.

Under the project draws Valmont area of 30 hectares, which will accommodate either one, but several industries. Subject to the success of the investment for the first phase, in the future we plan to implement the second and third stage of the project and the expansion of the product line (in addition to irrigation Valmont produces equipment for the engineering infrastructure).

The Director-General of Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region Igor Burakou signed a memorandum commented: "Belonging to the company brand Valmont Valley — № 1 in the world among the sprinkler systems, and we were extremely important to win the competition for the localization of this project, it is in our region. We have acquired in the October district not only global brand, but also a whole new industry, not only for Don economy, but also for Russia in general. Our country today such products — has not produced. Moreover, it is the most advanced technologies in the field of irrigation, which means an extra push to started modernization of reclamation system-on-Don, and. consequently, improve the efficiency of the Don agricultural industry. in advanced countries today, the contribution of irrigated land in the total yield is constantly increasing and we vitally need to ride this global trend, especially given our climatic zone. "

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