An asteroid the size of a city is approaching Earth




Rumors that an asteroid the size of a small town in the fall with a 63-percent probability collide into the Earth, were not unfounded.

Indeed, September 29, 2004 an asteroid called Toutatis length of about 5 km and a width of about 2.4 km set some kind of record — it flies in the distance of 5.3 million kilometers from Earth.

In this century is such a big space rock has not yet approached the planet is so close.

According to scientists NASA, an asteroid with the number 4179 was chosen not so close to 1353, and will not do it, at least until the 2562-th.

Toutatis was discovered by French astronomers in 1989, he "visited" us every four years.

Asteroid irregular rotated mad speed, not only around the axis.

4179 th included in the official list of potentially dangerous asteroids, but NASA say that it does not threaten the Earth, at least for the next six centuries.

The study goes on Toutatis: scientists create computer models, trying to recreate it odd shape and trajectory.

September 29th asteroid can be seen in an amateur telescope and even binoculars if you know in which direction to look.


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