Analysis and hypothesis: the road to Shambhala exists




LEM hypothesis and other

Physicists studying psychic phenomena for a long time. Back in 1882 the staff of the University of Cambridge W. Barrett and O. Lodge have created a society of psychical research. However, due to lack of recording equipment (before the discovery of electromagnetic waves by H. Hertz was still 6 years) no major experiments they were not able to deliver, limited to only a description of psychic phenomena.

In our country, one of the first to begin such research professor L. Vasilyev. In 1932, he set in Leningrad, a series of experiments showing that telepathy is not likely to have an electromagnetic nature.

Today, Russia has a lot of voluntary associations of physicists and scientists from other disciplines, conducting a professional (and not) study. The extracted information they sometimes look amazing, but to explain them properly until no one could.

Some versions of the language of physicists, internally contradictory as, say, at one time existed hypothesis biogravitatsionnom field. Another more logical, such as lepton-electromagnetic (LEM) hypothesis. With its core or creators (BI Isakov, AF Okhatrin and other), the reader might well meet in numerous publications. Therefore, without going into details, I recall that in this case, the theoretical constructs are based on the hypothesis of Aksionit — ultralight elementary particles subclass microleptons, whose existence was predicted by our and foreign scientists.

However, and here theorists inevitably face a number of paradoxes, not finding resolution within the existing paradigm. So, even the authors of the hypothesis carefully silent on the fact that, for example, the phenomenon of telekinesis, when the subject, removable psychic changes its kinetic energy without outside influence, in clear violation of the law of conservation of energy. The second paradox — the limitlessness of the psychic sphere of influence, in other words, the distance it does not matter, which again contradicts the known laws of physics. The third paradox is explained by the fact that none of the researchers until now the norm could not allocate themselves axioms that are like most media exposure.

In general, the author is not an unconditional supporter of the LEM hypothesis, why, and was forced to build their own guesses, though somehow explain the psychic and telepathic effects. Academic YB Kobzarev once said, "To explain, there is one way — to recognize that the strong-willed voltage can affect the space-time …" Are not the failure of theorists is that this same metric, we believe something once and for all fixed and pretty tough?

The effect of virtual fields

Many physical phenomena are permitting analogy with similar space with fewer coordinate. For example, the problem of flow past an infinite cylinder fluid flow allows the reduction to two-dimensional problem. Therefore, we assume for simplicity that this simplification is true in this case. Let's digress for a while on our three-dimensional world and descend into the world of two-dimensional on the plane.

Imagine an electrically charged particles moving in the plane. We, as outsiders, we know that the plane is only a special case of three-dimensional space. Assume that there appeared a magnetic field whose lines of force are perpendicular to the plane in question. What happens to the particle? Apparently, according to the Lorentz law, it will deviate from the straight path, change its kinetic energy and momentum. From the point of view of "three-dimensional observer," all right — change in the energy of the particle was due to the magnetic field energy. But from the perspective of "two-dimensional observer" — a conditional resident of the plane — the projection of the magnetic induction to its space is zero and, therefore, can not be fixed. In his view, there was a violation of conservation laws.

Now back to our native, three-dimensional space and turn to the experimental data. Psychic NS Kulagin held the ball between the palms of a ping-pong ball without touching it. As a working hypothesis has been proposed: the experience works because the electromagnetic radiation formed by psychic hands, posing on the bead surface electric charges. Interacting with them, the electrostatic field between the palms, and keeps the ball in the air. However, the experimental test has appeared: the charges on the surface of the ball is so small that you need to hold it a huge electrostatic field strength, it is to fix the device failed.

A similar experiment, but with the magnetic field, was held at one time in the West, a famous psychic Estebany. He worked on enzymes — large protein molecule catalysts — holding test tubes with them in their hands. At the same enzymes behaved as if the psychic's hands created a magnetic field of 13,000 gauss in, which is almost 30,000 times the strength of the magnetic field of our planet! But the "notch" this field magnetometer also failed.

Similar effects when there is feedback of the electromagnetic field, but most can not detect it, I propose to call "the effect of virtual fields."

Explain whether it can be based on the above analogy with the two-dimensional world. What if, in this case we are dealing with a field strength vector which is perpendicular to our space and goes into some additional (fourth or fifth) dimension? Suppose that a psychic is available infiltration real one dimension along which is a powerful vector of the force field generated by them. Thus we are able to remove the contradiction to the law of conservation of energy associated with the manifestation of telekinesis. And not only him …

How to get around the barrier

Another curious feature of psychic and telepathic phenomena — the absence of scattering, even when exposed to ultra-long distances. This fact can be illustrated by a simple example.

Suppose radiates a kind of psychic field that extends from the source as a spherical wave. In this case, if the psychic-inducer (one who radiates) and percipient (one who collects radiation) are at least a hundred miles, the signal intensity should fall to 10 billion times! And when you consider that the waves are emitted and received by the same instruments — the human brain, it is difficult to believe that the percipient is able to catch the signal.

Meanwhile, the experiments mentioned in the beginning of the article L. Vasilyeva percipient managed to take the message of the telepath, even when the door of the experimental chamber, where it was placed, was filled with mercury for the perfect escape. How does all of this be explained? And here's how …

Let's go back to the analogy with the conventional two-dimensional space and model the experiment in it Vasiliev. Let both participants in the plane of the experiment are divided barrier that excludes the penetration force fields. However, as we suggested earlier, the psychic is able to generate a certain field strength vector which is perpendicular to the given space, ie in this case, — the plane in which is located the operator and percipient. Using our advantage, "three-dimensional observer," we add this plane so that the point at which there are both members of the experiment touched. For the "two-dimensional observer" located in the plane, his world will remain the same. But the radiation operator is now able to influence the percipient — because the distance between them is practically zero!

I emphasize that this effect is of fundamental importance is the ability to radiate a kind of psychic field whose lines of force are perpendicular to our space. Well, as it can be — the very question "of the metric of space-time live-willed." It remains to be looking for the answer …

UFO — Aliens "from there"

I ask the reader to believe that the author does not intend to raise in this article all the mysterious phenomena known to our contemporaries. But one of them still would like to mention. It is a question many of which are old-old UFOs — unidentified flying objects.

Think of newspaper and magazine publications. Many witnesses say that UFOs are almost always "suddenly appear" and then do not fly away, but "disappear" as if dissolved in air. How so?

Imagine yourself in the place of the same of our "two-dimensional observer." Let a material object moving in three dimensions, and in his way is the plane containing the equivalent of the observer. What he sees as the three-dimensional object will pass through his space? In the field of view, "suddenly appear" a two-dimensional object, which over time "will dissolve in the air." Moreover, our observer note it sees a flat object — because it does not have authority to allow guess that this object contains another, they are not visible dimension.

I think further explanation in this case is almost not required. The only detail: Many witnesses reported that the UFO seen by them continually changed its shape and size, crushed into pieces and re-merged into one. Well, you can explain that. Just multidimensional object passing through a three-dimensional world,
had in our concept indescribably complex geometry, which gives similar effects …

The Road to Shambala

And finally — a few words about things quite so extraordinary that hardly ever can be loyally accepted by physicists professionals. And yet …

It's about a phenomenon that the author is inclined to call "transition effect" — namely, the possibility of displacement along the axis of the fourth dimension of material objects of our three-dimensional world.

If such a shift is possible, then the object will be like at the same time, "and here and there." Perfect illustration of this phenomenon — the legend of Shambhala, the holy city, located both on earth and in the heavens. Initiates and elect can take place in this city, for others its towers and walls remain a symbol of inaccessibility.

The author himself holds a deep conviction that the road to Shambhala exists and begins where "willful voltage changes the metric of space-time." And if we end up will investigate this phenomenon, we have opened the way to such worlds that are now hard to imagine a person with even the most imaginative.

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