Ancient Chinese astronomers startled the scientific world




Unique Chinese star chart dated VII century AD, drawing up our galaxy, striking for other peoples until the Renaissance, the researchers note, engaged in studying it.

The so-called card Danhuan presented this month on public display at the British Library — is the world's oldest manuscript with a star map and a treasure for historians and astronomers.

The well-preserved scroll of paper the size of 25 centimeters 210X shows the location of 1,345 stars, grouped into 257 units, it is not on the basis of the constellations. Such details were not known to science until the European Research Galileo and his contemporaries. But they began to observe and study the stars after hundreds of years after the establishment of the China card, and the advantage they had undeniable — telescopes.

On the cards are even very weakly luminous stars, which are extremely difficult to detect with the naked eye. In addition, the Chinese map shows the sky as a sphere projected on the cylinder. This technique was first used in Europe only in the XV century.

The first part of the manuscript is a collection of predictions based on the shape of clouds — is evidence of the importance of the role of prophecy in ancient China.

Dr. Francoise Prader of the Paris Observatory, who studied Chinese card along with Dr. Jean-Marc Astronomy Bonn-Bidault, said: "The origin of this star chart and its actual use remains unknown. Can guess what it was used for military purposes and road and is also likely to uranomantii — predictions that were made on the basis of the "consultation with the sky. It can be assumed on the texts of predictions in the clouds prior to the map. "

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