Ancient fortress tower collapsed in Afghanistan


MOSCOW, Feb. 12 — RIA Novosti. One of the 36 towers of the ancient fortress of Bala Hissar, a monument of architecture of the 11th century Afghan and cultural heritage site by UNESCO, on Sunday night, collapsed in the town of Ghazni, Pazhvak news agency reported.

According to the agency, referring to the people of the province who live near the castle, the tower fell as a result of heavy rains, the substitution of its foundations.

In 2013, the city of Ghazni by UNESCO will be declared the world center of Islamic culture. At present, local and foreign architects are trying to save the city from destruction attractions. For restoration of the fortress of Bala Hissar in Ghazni Germany allocates € 2 million, the cleaning of the citadel and its preparation for the restoration completed two months ago. However, the tower did not wait his rescuers, whose arrival is planned for spring.

Bala Hissar fortress was the center of the state and the Ghaznavid dynasty stands on a hill, named after the dynasty. Gaznevids (Turkic), the state with the center in Ghazni existed between AD 977-1186.

Last year, on a hill Ghaznavid dropped another historical tower, to the restoration of which has never not started.

The security situation in the province of Ghazni unsatisfactory. The administrative center and the surrounding counties have strong radical movement "Taliban" in a number of counties in the afternoon and evening hours working Taliban radio station "Voice of Jihad".

Source: RIA Novosti

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