Ancient rusichi against UFOs

December 2, 2012 23:31

Ancient rusichi against UFOs

Hypothesis Hypothesis

With conventional reconstruction of residential buildings first few cities in the world will agree. Traditionally the home Eneolithic-Bronze-Early Iron represented residential cellars and damp dugout. Why there are unresolved questions about the ancient pits, "Are they the remains of a fourth construction horizon? '. High-rise buildings Andronovo still baffles scientists, wondering if there was any at the site of multi-buildings?

My answer is simple. Andronov (Herodotus — Sauromates) lodged in the carcass buildings rising above the man-made mounds of 5-6 floors high. The concept of "floor" on probation. In the cage for sleeping with half the size of two and a half meters family climbed from an external staircase, and inside the ceiling hung so low that a child can not be straightened to his full height. The upper floor was used as a lookout tower to watch the sky and became the prototype for the medieval fortress towers.

Wooden skyscrapers have graceful proportions and can not hit the architectural perfection as the overall design and details. Can not be called primitive dwellings with complicated locks on the animal, metal locks and doors … in the basement! In one of the houses of the settlement Petrovka 2 was "door designs, from which survived three pole-holes." Far removed from the current architecture of Andronov, who built round the city, high-rise, "sleeping" and places the metallurgical furnaces at the wells of the dwelling.

A new reconstruction of the ancient houses can not dodge the question about the cause of death of the occupants on the lazy algorithm modern archeology: "Once upon a dead-buried." If today's scientists are wrong, taking home a burial, and the city of Necropolis, what evil force overtake inventors ranged bow and two-handed sword? Defenseless against what turned out to cities, where soldiers on a calling?

Heavenly fire as a factor in the history of

The first paragraph of the chapter "Andronovo culture" classic monograph K.V.Salnikova "ancient historical monuments of the Urals" says: "The small fragments of charred poles from the roof … under the rubble and those around them on the floor were two different things, find themselves in the dugout at the time of the fire, resulting in no doubt died housing. " Residential dug graves were. As a result of which the events of massive? Parked on the Khorezm Janbas-31 "revealed the remains of burnt surface dwelling … having a frame-pole construction and roof …".

And from all these hundreds of buildings in the city's hundreds of fires at the site of fire pits were left alone. This is no ordinary ash tray. "The strength of this raging fire can be seen in pieces oshlakovavshegosya sand" — the researchers note in one place. And the transition to the other mound, where the "burned huge bonfire ignited pour it on the ground at times the thickness of 0.6-0.7 m." If all cases treated exclusively with the yardstick of fires in the home, how to explain the "signs of fire on bone remains of the dead?" And everywhere meets a mysterious pottery with "heaps of calcined bones"? No explanation for the strange cremation, when, after the child were "small bones burned skull", but is not exposed to fire "temporal silver spiral rings and bronze bracelets." More than strange case of the manifestation of a natural fire with the electoral defeat of the modern flamethrower!

Before any disaster planners have failed, selivshiesya in river and lake water, and quite capable of any serious extinguish the fire? What could be the explanation burned decking over the burial place of people who did not recognize the cult of fire? The only universal and all hypothesis explains the mysterious and sudden disappearance Savromats appears when the prehistoric site to look through the eyes of ufology. In unequal confrontation with UFOs ancient people died more often than our contemporaries — from car wheels!


V.Ya.Tibelius (Germany, Berlin) thoroughly measured the "areal anomalies increased magnetic susceptibility in the field" calcined clay. " German not to rely on the Russian "maybe" and enlisted the assistance of the art equipment. And then honestly told: "One of the hypotheses of archaeologists is that the proc caused a huge fire alarm or a fire, but it is contrary to the physical principles kappometrii …". The facts contradict the theory! Worthless to many volumes of lies about man-made fires in antiquity!

UFO swept Andronovo ancient city. Yes, the arch was burned by a volcanic eruption. But Sintashta, Botha, Alekseevka, beautiful Tekken dazzling Kenes and hundreds of other cities were killed by weapons that today we take for the laser beam. Of the celestial fire! The first farmers and ranchers planet UFO pilots turned into aggressive and angry nomads. And no more than an escape from the heavenly enemy was called "ebb Sarmatian population" from the traditional places of settlement. As usual, the scientists put it very ornate on the "relatively narrow chronological framework of these monuments."

As the main objections to the UFO version can be pulled question: why then are buried traces of violent death? And they do not have them! From an objective selection of facts to the conclusion that clashes with a weapon (bow and sword) had nothing to massive fires, preceded the "resettlement of the people." Example of Orenburg: "arrow stuck in the flesh of the deceased in the bone, as the last traces were green." Man received wounds and lived with arrowhead in the body and died a "colossal wooden decking, throughout much of deification …".

My version of the Andronovo (savromatskih) burned towns and settlements are not designed to increase the list of exotic ideas. To start the subsequent historical process hypothesis works as a belt. Victory over UFO inexplicably high civilization of antiquity led to the disintegration state community, held together by Continent into a single cultural entity. Other explanation sudden disappearance Andronov science does not give! I believe that the UFO hypothesis will serve as a starting point that will lead to the truth honest historians and selfless patriots of the Russian movement.

The collapse of the Empire protoslavyan brought to life the "great migration of peoples." Triumphant Huns went through the territories liberated by Andronov. There was little in common with the inhabitants of the fortress-theater Tekke have tanned savages mutilated crosses burnt on unwashed foreheads. After the invasion of the Huns began the complex process of creating a state of peoples settled in Europe. All other versions are cut off.

About deafness of our contemporaries

The most amazing thing about this story is our deafness to the messages from the past. Andronov repeatedly told about the unequal struggle with the UFO, but we are not able to read the inscriptions … them! So on one of the inscriptions reflect the episode, when, with the help of a magic circle, a man trying to keep the well-fed animal, kidnapped by a cable dumped from above. (See the book K.V.Salnikova "ancient historical monuments of the Urals" on p.84.)

On other inscriptions depicted a flying ball with the air flow, the UFO with a round hole, giving him a resemblance to the human eye, and finally, angry man, who opposes the ball with arms, etc. The presence of a UFO on Siberian inscriptions researchers describe as "conditional geometric images that you can not always explain." For streamlined quote hidden attitude of scholars who are not ready to acknowledge the confrontation of prehistoric man with mystical powers.

After newspaper articles and publications V.Azhazhi became undeniable fact UFO interference in Russian history. Our knowledge of history is incomplete, if we accept the fact of interference without trying to understand their pattern. Years later, we realized the main error of the great ufologist.

For hundreds of years the UFO predetermined course of Russian history. But the intervention of abnormal strength has always been to the detriment of the Slavs, not good. Our ancestors pushed for the implementation of the worst scenario. What we witness today. Beat of Newerth assumed Andronov. Price rasspyleniya warriors and the priests that kept the mighty shoulders of continental empire, they defended the planet Earth from the alien (in the literal sense of the word!) Capture. But the victory itself was credited with other tribes, peacefully coexist with Proto in the Caspian region, having geopolitical benefits from the global cataclysm.

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