Anomalous zones of the Earth

December 16, 2011 19:30

On Earth, many strange and mysterious places. Such places people legends and myth, gives them unusual strength. That's what we'll talk more.

Abhayagiri (Sanskrit) — Mount Courage in Ceylon, which is an ancient vihara (monastery), in the Middle Ages lived many Buddhist monks from Abhayagiri Vasin heretical school (School of the Secret Forest). Gore and the school, which was located on it, is considered the most mystical and mysterious in Ceylon. The fate of the missing people in a strange way (and in the year 400 BC. Oe., There were about 5000), we only know that they left the island and settled on the other side of the Himalayas, probably in the region of Shambhala. However, until now the traces of their settlements, or the descendants of these people were found.

Prodigal PLACE — the old name of the anomalous areas where most incredible accident in the first place — a complete loss of spatial orientation. The size of these anomalies varies from 100-200 m to 5.1 km. To be in nature rarely townspeople walk, for example, in the woods — it is natural: no landmarks, like trees, moreover, step one foot (usually the right) in most people a few inches shorter than the other, which is why no experience Set the direction of reference person can not walk in a straight line, and starts in circles with a diameter of 3-4 km. Many legends of evil spirits, the traveler seeking whirl, associated with this feature of the body. Many, but obviously not all. Villagers are more accustomed to the grocery in the woods, much less lose their orientation, and there is, as a rule, in the prodigal places well known to farmers from nearby villages. In a rare show no such village. How can we explain that in certain places, even an experienced person risks getting lost? It is easier to assume that witchcraft prodigal places due to terrain: assume a homogeneous area heavily overgrown forests, or, as it is between the villages of USADA and the side, located on the bank of the Oka, slightly natoptannoy path passing also through the thick bush, forks and even locals often confuse them. Perhaps, in some cases, contribute to the emergence of the prodigal anomalies of the magnetic field. It is now firmly proved that any person has its own magnetic compass, located at the base of the nose (according to other sources — in the cerebral cortex). In urban flair magnetic appears at best on a subconscious level, the savages use it consciously, ordinary, our villagers take some intermediate position: often use their natural UkompasomF without realizing it.

Perhaps the formation of "enchanted place" contribute undeveloped deposits of iron ore, with no commercial value.

Vodlozerye — possible habitat strange unidentified creatures in Karelia. In 1928, over the village near Shuknavolok Vedlozero observed ten-span cylindrical body from the tail section which expires red flame and sparks.

Having broken the ice, the object went under water. After that, local residents began to meet on the bank of some big-headed creature a little more feet tall with thin arms and legs. In 1932, the village has fallen dense black cloud on the ground after it left jellylike substance. Now the village Shuknavolok encounter strange noise television.

Huaraz — anomalous zone, the area in the Western Cordillera (Peru), where, according to the Peruvian UFO, very often have the appearance of a UFO.

For example, the summer of 1996, a terrible panic among Peruvian shepherds and gave rise to a landing with a terrible roar, and cold ambient air immediately 2-cup-like devices, one came out two big-humanoid creatures that samples were taken at a local creek [ITAR-TASS 24.08.1996]. More recent reports about manifestations of anomalies in the area were not as detailed.

Ubar — the legendary and amazing in its history, the Lost City, the victim of an unknown disaster.

bar has always been a literary fiction, but in 1990, archaeologists from the U.S. found in the sands of Oman strange ruins of numerous towers built 4500 years ago.

Whitby, Whitby — possible anomalous position, the English Abbey, known more eyewitnesses observed ghosts. Here is the Castle, the notorious fact that its dark walls inspired writer Bram Stoker to write a book Lord DrakulaF.

The appearance of the castle ghosts celebrated to this day, in which, for example, I'm sure the manager Leslie Abbey STEINTORP who personally saw one morning in the lumen of the windows in the castle silhouette translucent ghosts. Local residents in one voice say that in addition to the ghosts of the castle was chosen as the local cemetery and monastery in the wall which once walled break the vow nun who was careless love coaching knight.

BALLS-messages — the mysterious rock formations perfectly round, discovered in the late 1940s in the jungles of the Central American Republic of Costa Rica. The balls have a variety of sizes — from ten centimeters to three meters or more in diameter. With aerial photography revealed that they are scattered over the surface of the earth is not accidental, but are geometric shapes. Their purpose remains a mystery.

Experts baffled and origin themselves balls. It has even been suggested that they were created by aliens, because ancient people obviously could not obtochit stone to such a perfect shape. However, geologists say that in the pits and folds of the bed rock of the mountain rivers also occur around the boulders. Fast flow causes them to rotate, forming with time round education. Could such balls appear and after the glaciers during the Great icing. The fact that the ring puzzle, as it turns out, there are almost everywhere. In Kazakhstan, the development sandpit found several large specimens of boulders at a sufficient depth. Several dozen of these stones are always in a ravine — 5 km west of Zhirnovskaya Volgograd region.

TEMPLE TEL Khazneh — an ancient building complex, excavated by archaeologists in the north of Moscow Syria, one of the earliest known places of worship the world, built in the end of the IV millennium BC. e. Specialists of the Institute of Archaeology RAS believe that the temple was built by the architects of one of the ancient Semitic peoples (the others in that region was not there), but what it is — remains to be seen. In the center of a prehistoric village, built in the shape of an oval, is located eight-foot conical temple tower. According to the members of the expedition, it was well preserved — even the plaster on the walls remained. Building looks like and 6 thousand years ago, a rare luck for archaeologists.

All the buildings, including residential areas were built of mud bricks mixed with straw. The excavations yielded many sensational finds. From a depth of about 15 meters, archaeologists raised a clay tablet dating from the 3rd millennium BC. e., which kept a record of the old agronomist harvest. Man looks at the time looked like and modern. One of the tombs found in the village indicates that the ancient people had a fairly large build. In a stone tomb, scientists have found the skeleton of a huge two-meter men, buried under the then ritual, on the side with bent legs. Perhaps this implies that over 6 thousand years Semites fairly reduced their growth. What was the reason — is unknown.

Meteor Crater (Barringer Crater, Devil's Canyon) — one of the largest and best preserved of other crater, located near Diablo Canyon in northern Arizona (USA). Modern crater size: Diameter — 1265 m, depth — 175 m elevation shaft — 40-48 m is assumed that the crater appeared in the fall to Earth about 27,000 years ago, a meteorite the size of a nickel dvuhmillionnotonnogo 61-79 m Apparently, it the body of the meteorite was found in the area with underground drilling rig, but attempts to commercial production of nickel from the ground failed. Location of the crater for a long time been known to the local Indians, who used to own goals metal fragments of the meteorite.

The local tribes there was a huge number of legends associated with this sacred place. The scientists of the existence of the crater became known only since 1891. This is not the largest meteorite that fell to Earth. In the Antarctic, on the island of Wilkes in 1962 discovered a meteor crater 241 km and a depth of 800 m in Canada on the shores of Hudson Bay has a crater 443 km. From the 1950s to the present day many tourists and local residents report their observations of the Meteor Crater: emission of air and freezes UFO. According to some reports, in the center of the crater sometimes allegedly observed gravimagnetic chronal and anomalies. The crater is often used as a backdrop for filming a science fiction movie about humans travel to other planets, of the arrival of huge UFO "its closed from prying eyes harbor a secret."

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