Anomaly the bloody rain

January 15, 2012 11:39

Sometimes in our life there are anomalies. C sky instead of the normal rain pours red as blood flow. These blood — red rains in history happened more than once.

Of stories

The ancient historian and writer Plutarch narrated on the red rain that fell after major battles with the German soldiers. He was convinced that the purple evaporation from the battlefield soaked air and surface normal rain in the red.

In the year 582. Abnormal phenomenon in France. Blood rain falls in Paris. "Many people were thrown off her clothes, as a drop of blood stained her," — wrote an eyewitness,

In 1571. Red rain poured down in Holland. He walked all night, and was so strong that it filled the area a dozen miles. All buildings, fences, trees were red. The population of the places the water was collected in buckets and interpret unexplained phenomenon in that it is up to the clouds a couple of blood from stab the bull.

The science of anomalous phenomena

The blood-red rain recorded, and the Academy of Sciences of France.

Scientific "Memoirs" wrote that in March 1669 in Shatila (on the Seine) had the strange and heavy viscous liquid, similar to the blood, with a sharp and strong odor. Her big drops were on the roofs, walls and windows of homes.

Scientists have long tried to somehow explain this phenomenon of nature and, in the end, decided that the liquid is formed … in rotten swamps and strong wind was abandoned heaven.

Rain over the Kingdom of Naples

Spring 1813. Another bloody rain suddenly poured over the Kingdom of Naples. In those days, a scientist described in sufficient detail Sementini this abnormal phenomenon, and now you can imagine how it was done.

He said that he was a strong wind blowing from the two days of the east, and unexpectedly, local residents discovered the approaching from the sea and a low dark cloud. By two o'clock the wind suddenly died down, and the cloud at this time closed the surrounding mountains and the sun is almost closed. Lights up at first barely pink, suddenly became fiery red.

Soon all hail plunged into impenetrable darkness, so that in all your dwellings lighted lamp. People fearful darkness and clouds of color, rushed to the church to pray. Meanwhile, the ever-increasing darkness, and the whole sky like a hot metal color.

A Sound of Thunder. Loud noises from the sea, which was the city of six miles, even more frightened townspeople.

And then to earth potokiyarko spilled red liquid. Some took her blood, and others — for the liquid metal. By evening, the air was cleaner, red rain is over and people are relaxed.

Bloody Snow

Abnormal phenomenon sometimes results in a bright red snow. Thus, in France in the first half of the last century, such as the miracle of the scarlet snow covered the ground a few inches.

People saw in these rains omen and rebuke the powers. Scientists have also suggested that the water turns red when mixed with red dust particles of organic origin. Strong air currents can carry the dust over many thousands of kilometers and to great heights, right up to the clouds.

Noticed that bloody rains more frequently in the fall and spring. In the XIX century, recorded thirty of these rains. They occurred in the XX century.

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