Archaeologists secret grave giant

September 28, 2012 13:55

The National Geographic Society was involved in a scandal with a giant human skeleton. Proponents of the theory of a great civilization of giants have long dreamed of the happy time when archaeologists found and dug out of the ground skeletons of giants. After all, the skeletons of giants — this is the killer evidence. Here are found the same once the skeletons of dinosaurs, and all had to agree that these giant creatures lived on the globe. But archaeologists have even one giant skeleton was never found, not even find a single skull, not the bones. Had to endure ridicule and continue to dream about skeletons.

But here is an unexpected good news. Since 2002 began to appear frequently on the Internet sensational photographs. Tens of millions of people around the world saw the photos. All were amazed, shook their heads, were eager to learn more. And the indescribable thrill of joy heart supporters of the theory of the civilization of giants, when they saw the photos. Theosophists, the followers of Madame Blavatsky, the Movement of Agni Yoga, the followers of Helena Roerich, some Russian pagans, supporters of the movement, "Rebirth. The Golden Age "(Levashovtsy) … as it turned out on a huge pedestal. Many of them put the sensational pictures on their websites. Personally put these strange photos on his website, in the section "My cabinet of curiosities" he Nicolai Levashov, never doubting their truth, providing them with links to foreign sources. And how not to put such damning facts.

Fake shot "Indian skeleton" won third place in the competition fakes.

Many even gloat over those who had mocked supporters of giants. Science (anthropology, archeology and history) finally — confounded. Science is now accused of hiding from the people the truth about the past of mankind. In the conspiracy against humanity. After all, if it had not leaked, governments and scientists have again hidden from the people of the important facts.

What were the "killer facts"? We offer our readers a few photos.

Visitors to the Internet, aroused by sensational photographs of letters flooded with requests and requirements of the National Geographic Society (National Geographic Society), founded in 1888 in the U.S.. This is one of one of the oldest and one of the highly respected scientific community on the globe. It has long been known regularly produces very interesting magazine National Geographic. With the advent of the Internet in daily publishes news on its website, National Geographic News. Customers demanded details about the discovery of the century.

Why are writing this georgaficheskoe society? Because the pictures, such as "Indian skeleton of a giant" went with the text, which clearly states that the photos — this reprint from the journal Geographical Society.

— Any sane person can easily guess that the fake pictures — said editor illustrations by National Geographic News, John Sebastian. However, we regularly receive requests that come in hundreds of e-mail from all over. Like, tell me what kind of a skeleton? True, you have found? Where is he now? Do not hide from prying eyes?

The representative of the company, James Owen (James Owen) conducted an investigation. And all figured out. First sensational photo spread without any details. The text appeared only in 2007 in the Indian Journal of Hindu Voice. A correspondent of the magazine said that the skeleton of the giant growth of 18 meters, scientists unearthed in northern India during the excavations organized by the National Geographic Society, its Indian branch and with the support … the Indian army. Indian Army guarding the skeletons of giants. In the text of the photographs indicated that, together with the skeleton were found clay tablets with inscriptions. And of these inscriptions indicated that found giant belonging race of superhumans that have been mentioned in the "Mahabharata» (Mahabharata) — Indian epic the year 200 BC.

"The editor — someone P. Deivamuthu — then apologized to the National Geographic Society, by sending a letter. Say, seduced by the facts obtained from sources which is also now apparent, is not trusted. " But it is clear that the pictures are increasingly continued to spread on the Internet … The public demanded more nformation. "The public suspects a conspiracy. And she was right. The plot really was. It was organized in 2002. As shown by the investigation, the photo "Indian skeleton" made the specialist art photoshop someone from Canada IronKite. But not for malicious intent, but because of the participation in the annual contest called "Archaeological anomalies 2." At the competition, the author was awarded the third place (which works were awarded first and second prizes, now does not seem to define An opportunity — access to the site of the contest is closed). Participants were asked to fabricate some amazing archeological find. That some were very talented. And fell on fertile ground — and many had no doubt that once lived on Earth giants. IronKite informed by mail to National Geographic News, which pursued a highly artistic goals, and to subsequent durilka to do. But his name does not want to disclose. Of harm's way. "

"It was discovered and the original image, which served as the background and setting for archaeological skeletons. The photograph was taken in 2000 in New York's Hyde Park on the site of the actual excavation. Here was found the skeleton of a mastodon — a prehistoric relative of the elephant. About "Indian skeleton of a giant" remains unknown but one thing whose bones fulfilled his role?

A pioneer for IronKite pulled followers. And now the Internet is full of giant skeletons. " (Vladimir Lagowski)

So sensational photos of "giant skeletons" were photoshop-durilka. Theosophists, the followers of Blavatsky, Helena Roerich, the followers of Agni Yoga and some Russian pagans Levashovtsy who believed in these photos, fell from the pedestal on which they climbed and which proudly stood for several years.

We all know the Giants playing in circus and variety shows. They have become high? Unfortunately, as a rule, people who have a different behavior in the development of the body. In most cases, this is due to disruption of the functioning of one of the most important glands of our body — the pituitary gland.

The pituitary gland regulates the functioning and growth of many organs. Sometimes you may receive a tumor that causes gland increases in size and begins to produce too many hormones, which are the product of this gland. One of these hormones is a growth hormone that influences the size of the internal organs of the body and skeleton.

If an excessive amount of hormone released when the bones are still in the process of growth, they will continue to grow. A person with whom it happens, can achieve growth of 2.8 meters. This is known as gigantism. But this man is a giant, simply because their bodies do something wrong.

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