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18.02.11.V Chelyabinsk started talking seriously about a change of time zone. Possibility of a small "jump" in time — from MSK +2 GMT +1 — consider the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region Governor Mikhail Yurevich and presidential envoy in the Urals Federal District Nikolai Vinnichenko.

In the coming days, they received a request from the Public Council for Entrepreneurship at the Legislative Assembly. As the proponents of the initiative, in March 2011, residents of the Urals will be one hour closer to Moscow completely painless. Proponents of convergence stress that it will greatly facilitate communication with the capital business and authorities. Opponents of the new initiative, saying that it's futile attempts and desire to once again pushing the.

As the Chairman of the Public Council on business at the provincial legislative assembly Alexander Kalinin, February 17, a meeting of the Council, which discussed changing the time zone in the southern Urals.

"Our region has a unique opportunity to comfortably and safely for an hour closer to the central part of Russia, and Moscow — Alexander Kalinin. — At the end of March to the country takes the arrows on the hour. If the Urals will not, by itself it will change the time zone to GMT +2 to GMT +1. And he just free today for such time in Russia never lived. Volga, which was in this time zone, moved to Moscow time. "

More than 20 members of the public council almost unanimously supported the idea. Now chairman addresses requesting consider switching to a different time zone led the region, the envoy County and the deputies of the SOA. Meanwhile, Alexander Kalinin had already share an idea with the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Myakush. "The Speaker found her interesting, but noted that without coordination with other subjects of the Russian Federation's initiative will be impossible to bring to life — continues Alexander Kalinin. — Indeed, the move to a new time zone must be at least the entire Federal District: different time in Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg — nonsense. Time for approval is a little bit. All regions of the Urals Federal District to take a decision before the end of March. Otherwise favorable moment will be missed. "

Representatives SUCCI, "Support of Russia", "Business Russia" and other business associations that voted for change time zone, felt that business will be much easier if they take away from central Russia one hour instead of two. After all, there are about 60% of the Russian population. And in most of its business tied to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, Volga.

"The worst of the time zone change will not happen. Thought interesting. It is reasonable to assume that the Muscovites work will become easier. This is also further integration of communication, — the head of the Directorate of the Ural NPF "Promagrofond" Vitaly Ganz. — In addition, people are not physically feel the transition. The main thing — to pick up the process area from Orenburg and Bashkiria to Yamal ".

Vitaly Gantsev argues that if public spending lengthy discussion of these changes throughout the Urals Federal District, until the end of March to do just will not work. So we need to support the federal government intelligible.

"Given the large amount of single-industry towns in the Federation for this year, I'm all for the idea, — says deputy head of economic development Karabash Anatoly Lobko. — The two-hour difference is very useful when flying from Chelyabinsk to Moscow, but no more. But when the back, the whole day working flies. If the difference is reduced to one hour, call up with Moscow will be more convenient. There are in fact a matter of course remain at work after 18:00. In turn, our employees sometimes have to sit at all until nine o'clock at night. "

Reservations concerning the initiative of Director of Development real estate company "Service Property" Denis Stukalov: "We work when you need it. Work schedule we have not normalized. About our Moscow partners can say the same thing. So special meaning in this idea can not see. " Contrary to the two-hour difference between the source site even finds pluses. "When receiving a later decision, in Moscow is just the working day ends," — said Denis Stukalov.

"I think people just want to show off — commends the initiative of the Public Council General Director of" KEMP "Yakov Gurevich. — That would be more convenient to work with Moscow — a fairy tale. First, we are working not only with the capital, second, and so is any particular problem does not arise. Everyone knows where what time. "

It should however recall that in November 2009, in his message to the Federal Assembly, Dmitry Medvedev proposed to reduce the total number of time zones in Russia.

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