As the picture affects the destiny of man

April 20, 2012 6:35

Since ancient times, people believed in the magical relationship between man and his image. Looking at the pictures in the album, we do not assume that they have their own power, can affect our lives and make us younger and healthier.


No wonder there were so many stories about the mystical relationship between man and his portrait of the people who died, as if passing canvases their vitality. From portraits of medieval witches bedevil, using ritual sacrifice belonging thing or a lock of her hair.

When in the middle of the nineteenth century saw the picture, many of occult knowledge is not even supposed to have received a new much more real possibility for remote influence on people. Over time, wizards, witches, witch and clairvoyant fully appreciated all probably had at their disposal, with the advent of photography. It turned out that the photos can be very successful remote "work" with the object, read information, to carry out a particular action.

Parapsychologists have long learned the secret power of photographic images of man and even developed a kind of safety and handling photographs …. Over time, wizards, witches, witch and clairvoyant fully appreciated all probably had at their disposal, with the advent of photography. It turned out that the photos can be very successful remote "work" with the object, read information, to carry out a particular action.

The impact on the picture may not only rights, but also to any other living creature, and even plants. Very interesting experiment was carried out with the chickens. Of the four newly hatched chicks, healthy and identical twins, one photographed and distributed this shot so many people. Owners offered a picture to look at the picture, when sad at heart when the body is "energized" illness, and mentally as if to hold a chicken force.

What is the experience is over? Three chicken beautifully grown and evolved, and the fourth, who are forced to become a model, keep up with them in the development and literally chah eyes. He even had special nurse! With photos there was a kind of energy and vitality crack chicken were sprayed on to all holders of its image.

Try to take good care of your pictures as well as the photographs of relatives, friends and acquaintances. Parapsychologists and bioenergy, are engaged in research on the impact of images of the person's health and destiny, have developed a kind of safety and handling photographs. Here are some of their tips:

1 Do not hand out to right and left the photos, especially unfamiliar people, or those with whom you have a rather strained.

2 Try not to keep on mind the pictures of the dead, even if they are close to you people, especially with regard to the rooms where you spend a lot of time — sleep, work, eat.

3 Do not allow yourself to vent his anger on other people's photos: tear them, paint, cut, etc. The relationship with the person to whom you are angry, in the future it may get better, but the damage done to him in a fit of anger after the photo, you already can not be compensated.

Four loving couples do not get too many pictures before the marriage. For yet unknown reasons, such "by courtesy" if de-energized love and she leaves.

5 It is not advisable to photograph the dead. Some parapsychologists believe that because this was a problem with the reassurance of their souls.

6 Avoid shooting near the energy vampires. They can be people, after communicating with whom you feel a lack of energy, as well as living objects, for example, such as aspen wood.

7 photographs of people who died of severe disease, it is better to put in an album, and in any case they can not be placed with images of people alive today.

8 If possible, do not keep their albums pictures of cemeteries, anomalous zones, photos of alcoholics, mentally ill offenders.
We still do not know all the secrets and photo opportunities. Public property researchers photos somehow "mark" doomed to unhappiness people and artificial objects (airplanes, cars, buildings), which will have an accident or breakdown.

Of course, this is not the usual photos, they are made in a specific range of electromagnetic radiation, and based on this know-how is Kirlian effect, other details of the inventors did not disclose. According to them for a while to trouble people or by their machines and facilities begin to accumulate the energy of destruction.

Made in a special way to the images of the field of energy a person or object, this destructive energy appears as a black spot, so for this phenomenon, and the name stuck, "black mark." "Labeled" so people are almost doomed to illness, injury, and even death. Unenviable fate and the machines created by humans and objects in which there is a "black mark", they expect the accident, damage, disaster and destruction.

Why is there is a "black mark"? The researchers believe that if a team that is building, for example, aircraft, torn by internal contradictions, people complain about their wage, conditions of their work, sooner or later, in the energy-field of the aircraft will be an ominous black spot, and the machine itself by technical glitches, and even disaster.

People have a "black mark" may appear as a result of improper acts, violation of moral precepts. Not possible, the transfer of the fatal "label" and inherited by the so-called ancestral curse. Another cause of black spots can become evil eye, damage — in short, the negative impact of one person to another, sometimes with the assistance of a "process" sorcerer or strong psychic. Fortunately, all is not bleak and hopeless: about 70% of the "black mark" can be eliminated. A person can give up the fatal mark, changing your lifestyle, sometimes help of prayer, fasting, and meditation. Can help and professionals.

Get rid of the destructive program machines, buildings and industrial facilities are also possible, as long as scientists have believed and allowed to come to do the diagnosis and prevention of disasters.

No less puzzling and the phenomenon of so-called psychic photos or myslegrafii. What is it? There are people who intentionally or not can affect the film, causing her some pictures.

In the late twentieth century, scientists have devoted a long time studying photographs Englishwoman Smetherst Rita, which is very annoying strange light spots and lines regularly spoiling her shots. The Association for Research anomalies carefully investigate this curious case.

It turned out that Rita used two different cameras, and sometimes even took the camera from his son, but her films still fixed strange defects. Experts closely examined photographs of Rita and concluded authenticity light anomalies. There could be no question of double exposure, illumination or unintentional abuse of the process film development and printing.

The decisive phase of the study was when expert Vernon Harrison gave Rita your camera and film, and asked to try to reproduce in his presence anomaly. This experiment was a success: the films were observed strange "waxy" objects. The experts had to admit that the phenomenon is real. Somehow, against her will she worked on the film.

The official conclusion of Harrison wrote: "The fact that the unexplained images in photographs are not professional or magicians trick makers, and ordinary people on ordinary cameras with conventional photographic materials, makes experts think about the need for a serious study of this mysterious phenomenon."

If Rita Smetherst worked on the film spontaneously, then Ted Serios, captain of one of the Chicago hotel, famous for that project could order it on the film image. Many suspected Ted of fraud, but the American psychiatrist Dr. Julie Ayzenbad who has devoted much study to the incredible power of this man, was convinced of the opposite. He even wrote a book, "The World of Ted Seriosa," in which he described all conducted experiments with this man, and placed with the images obtained.

In fact, it is difficult to assume that Ted, unrestrained drinker and a heavy smoker, with a low educational level, could fool the scientists for years and did not fall for the deception. And when there was a camera "Polaroid-Land" with almost instantaneous photo was taken, opportunities for cheating Ted did not become.

Sometimes the mental projection of the image on the photographic material in Seriosa took quite a long time, for example, the image of the Taj Mahal, he succeeded only after 1500 attempts. This is also evidence for the authenticity of the phenomenon. In addition to the study of the unique abilities Ayzenbada Ted engaged American researchers J. Pratt and Ian Stevenson, they spent with him about 800 experiments and also found no fraud.

Interesting experiment with Seriosa was held May 27, 1967 at the Museum of Natural History in Denver (USA). Ted asked to concentrate in the hall the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods and try to figure how ancient man kindled a fire. After a number of failed attempts in the picture there is finally bent figure in an animal skin, which the museum staff clearly identified as a Neanderthal! After this experience phenomenal ability Ted quickly subsided for a time he even managed to get on film light or dark spots, and then it was beyond the power of rapid aging in alcoholic. Scientists lost to Ted interest and further his career is unknown. The fact that Serios lost its unique ability to mentally influence the film, once again demonstrates its authenticity phenomenon: whether Ted impostor, he would have continued to fool the scientists, while he had not been caught by the hand.

Psihofotografii abilities possessed and others, but none of them has ever been able to beat Ted Seriosa. Incidentally, the famous psychic Ninel Kulagina S. (1926-1990) could also exhibit on the film set her geometric shapes (crosses, stars, etc.) and letters. The experiment took place in the dark, Kulagina was holding up pieces of film emulsion and mentally project the image given to them. It was given to her easy, simple to figure took no less than 30 minutes, and the process required such concentration and effort that Ninel Sergeyevna very tired.

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