Astrologers: In 2013, the world is in serious danger

January 7, 2013 11:00

Astrologers and psychics tell you what awaits the planet in the coming year.










Merry Christmas from the Orthodox Christmas Eve begins. At this time taken to arrange caroling and divination, despite the fact that the church is strictly prohibited. But astrologers have already decided on the forecasts for the next year. That the stars predict Russia and around the world, learned correspondent MTRC "Peace" Sergei Polyakov.

It seems to be "doomsday" forecast of the Maya left behind, but the "black sheep" of the apocalypse, it seems, the planet is still circling. In the new year the world faces another, equally serious threat.

"I did not even turn the language to say what kind of danger," — says Elena numerologist Music.

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