Astronomers believe that in 2013, the Earth will face Nibiru

December 4, 2011 17:27

In 2013, the Earth will face a "planet devil"

February 14, 2013 Earth's magnetic poles change
The fate of our civilization could change by next year — the Earth is rapidly approaching Nibiru, which in ancient times was called "Devil's Planet." And at the turn of Raja Sun — planet, which is considered more dangerous.

Can not prevent a catastrophe

According to U.S. researchers, the first in the form of a luminous point Nibiru will see residents of the Southern Hemisphere. A December 21, 2012 Nibiru may be considered in the Northern Hemisphere — it will look like a second sun, not yellow, and red. Scientists are even afraid to imagine what impact this proximity to the Earth. But February 14, 2013 something just happens. On this day the Earth will pass between Nibiru and the sun — because of the slope of the displacement of the magnetic poles of the planet will change. So, a strong earthquake and powerful tsunami earthlings virtually assured. While moving away from the Earth in its orbit Nibiru starts after 1 July 2014.

In 1983 "Planet Devil", the mysterious planet, recorded Americans Thomas Van Flanderns and Richard Harrington. They also found that it has a highly elliptical orbit, its mass is between two and five Earth masses, and the distance from the Sun — about 14 billion kilometers. Another American scholar — Alan Alford has said that the planet Nibiru exists an advanced civilization, with more than three hundred thousand years.

Time closer to the Earth Nibiru surprisingly coincides with the end of the world on the Mayan calendar, which terminates at the end of 2012. Now the Earth is going through the end of the era of the "fifth sun". According to Mayan astrological chart at the end of 5126-year cycle will occur a movement of the Earth, entailing change civilization. Scientists believe that fatal movement of the Earth will occur under the influence of Nibiru …

Official astronomy claims that Nibiru does not exist. But some astrologers around the world convinced that these statements — of despair. After slow approach of Nibiru to Earth, preventing future disasters, no one can.

Twin Suns finish off humanity

Russian scientist — a member of the International Association of planetary scientist and astrophysicist Aviation Academy St. Petersburg Kirill Butusov believes that the greatest danger to mankind is Raja Sun, heavenly body, which will soon also come to Earth.

Butusov convinced that our solar system is a system of two stars. That is, he has a twin brother, rotating around a common center of mass. This twin scientist calls Raju-Sun. At one time it was a massive sun was shining, so burnt out quickly. Today, his weight at six thousand times the mass of Earth.

According to calculations Butusov, closer to us, Raja Sun will happen in the coming years. And just like the approach of Nibiru, may result in serious accidents.

— Raja Sun Nibiru more, so bring humanity and more problems — he says. — Subject to the terrible climatic catastrophe — sizzling hot and deadly cold.

More Butusov claims that planets around vraschayushihsya "second sun", there may be a civilization that 150-200 million years older than the Earth:

— I'm sure she now manages all of our solar system. You may notice that this is the highest civilization repairs on the Sun. Giant-sized rods flies him to fall into the satellites and light attack. As a result, the sun starts to get dark spots appear on it. Because of this the last time on earth, and frequent climatic disruptions.

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