Astronomers: blue moon in late August, will surprise people in the world

Professionals working in Roskosmos, told that the inhabitants of planet Earth will soon be able to see a rare celestial phenomenon — a blue moon. It happened on August 31.

The thing is that in August 2012 just two full moons occur — usually a month is only one full moon, the first of which has already happened to the first of August, and the second, in which the sky appear blue moon will occur on August 31.

As noted by the researchers, the next time it is a rare astronomical phenomenon can be observed only in July 2015.

And about the "color" of the Earth's natural satellite in blue scientists gave the following explanation. It turns out that this is either due to the smoke from volcanoes, or because of forest fires. Astronomers say that the microparticles in the air refract light blue hue give this celestial body.

So for those who like to watch the rare astronomical phenomena, we do not sleep on August 31, otherwise the next blue moon will have to wait almost three years.

Blue Moon (EnglishBlue Moon) — A term used in astronomy to determine the second full moon in a calendar month. This is a fairly rare event, observed on average every 2.7154 years, in different countries and different times was called differently. The name is not due to change in the color of the moon, and idiomatic expressions «Once in a Blue Moon», borrowed from English. It translates as "Once in a blue moon" and is equivalent to the expression of Russian 'Till the cows come home "
(That is rarely, or never). Moon itself has the usual ash-gray color, the appearance of the moon blue shade is an extremely rare phenomenon caused by an optical effect.Source:

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