At least 10 people have died due to rains in northern India

At least 10 people, including three children, were killed last night in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, thousands of pilgrims stranded on the road to the mountain temples, according to the website of the newspaper on Saturday Times of India.

According to media reports, powerful monsoon rains that hit this state in the Himalayan foothills, causing many boarded. Mudslides cut roads, washed away more than 40 houses in the river Bhagitathi. About 40 people remain missing.

In the disaster area relocating military authorities who place the homeless in temporary camps.

Roads staff stuck by pilgrims on their way to the mountain temples, including the famous Shiva temple of Kedarnath, at a height of 3.6 thousand meters. In summer, this temple crowds flock to worship Shiva. However, the authorities ordered to stop the pilgrimage to avoid new victims.

Forecasters warn that Musoni showers will continue for several days. The central authorities in the disaster areas relocating additional military personnel who conduct the evacuation of the affected area, are seeking the missing. Under the temporary camps of the converted schools and official buildings.

The rainy season in northern India from June to September.

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