At the bottom there are the remains of the Yakut lake monster

February 2, 2013 15:07

By Lake Labynkyr. Photo by Vladimir Medvedev.

Russian scientist Dmitry Schiller sank to the bottom of the Yakut Labynkyr Lake — one of the coldest in the world, according to RBC. Intrepid explorer managed to videotape, and collect samples of vegetation. In addition, using telezonda scientists made an interesting discovery — at the bottom of the lake were found fragments of the jaw bone of a large animal. For more information on this discovery, the expedition promised to tell later.

In the Russian Geographical Society hopes that the immersion gets into Guinness Book of Records. The fact is that the earlier one did not fall to the bottom of the lake, located on the pole of cold in Yakutia (the temperature here reaches minus 89 degrees).

Labynkyr also called second Loch Ness. Locals claim that the waters of the lake monster lives unknown to science. Descriptions of the monster from different witnesses coincide. They paint it as something "a huge, dark-gray, with a large head, the distance between his eyes no less traditional local rafts of 10 logs."

This is how it in his notes (in 1961 — Comm. famous geologist Victor Tverdokhlebov: "It was moving in an arc, first along the lake, and then directly to us. As soon as it was approaching a strange torpor, from which grows cold inside, cover me. Above the water rose a little dark gray oval carcass. On its background stand out clearly two symmetrical white spots that look like eyes, and protruding from the body a bit of a stick … maybe fin? We saw only a small part of the animal, but the water is guessed huge massive body. Before us was a predator, without a doubt, one of the most powerful predators of the world. "

It clarifies the portal, in 2005, identified a research expedition in the bottom Labynkyr anomalous rift dating back somewhere deep inside. Scientists have also documented a strange noise, like the roar of an animal, to determine the nature of sounds and failed.

Meanwhile, in Kazakhstan there are lakes, which were observed anomalies. One of them — the Kok-Kol lake in Zhambyl region. According to legends, it is living "water spirit Aydahar." Shepherds are not seen as a huge animal steal the water birds and animals. Local history A.Pechersky argues that once saw a strange creature, described it as a giant snake longer than 15 meters.

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