At the May sky will be seen at once two comets




Brighter of them, C/2002T7 LINEAR, now available observations in the morning sky in the constellation of Pisces.

According to experts of the Physics Department of Moscow State University, "unfortunately, see the comet at a latitude of Moscow will be quite difficult due to the low position on the horizon, but in the southern parts of the country the conditions for its observations fold more successful." In May, the comet will be conjunct the Sun and will appear at the end of the month is in the evening sky in the constellation Hydra. The conditions for its observations will be significantly more favorable than it is now.

Another comet, C/2001Q4 NEAT, now is in the far southern sky, and watching her from the territory of Russia is impossible. But on May 10th comet crosses the celestial equator in the constellation Canis a few degrees of the bright star Procyon. It will be easily visible to the naked eye. Until May 30, the conditions for observing the comet in the European part of Russia will be very favorable.

These comets were discovered a few years ago using robotic telescopes NEAT and LINEAR, working on programs search for potentially hazardous asteroids.

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